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9. Hours-logging CB radio

The 29 LX CB Radio features a clock-timer that tracks driving hours. It functions as an alarm clock, a weather alert scan that advances to the clearest NOAA weather channel and a Radio Check Diagnostic to monitor the radio’s RF power output, antenna system and battery voltage. The radio includes a 4-watt AM RF power input, Delta Tune to clarify incoming signals and adjustable Dynamike boost to increase the microphone’s sensitivity for enhanced clarity.

COBRA,, (773) 889-3087



10. Digital battery tester

The Digital Battery and System Tester can test 6-volt and 12-volt batteries rated between 40 and 2000 CCA, including conventional, AGM, gel cell and deep cycle batteries. The tester assesses the condition of discharged batteries and performance of starting and charging systems. It has 6-ft. leads, a backlit LCD display and reverse polarity and overvoltage protection.




Collision mitigation system

Bendix Wingman Advanced uses a radar sensor mounted to the vehicle’s front to notify drivers of metallic objects in the vehicle’s path, allowing three seconds for driver response before impact.





GPS traffic feature

The Rand McNally IntelliRoute TND GPS units offer historical and real-time traffic views. The historical traffic function is based on accident reports, public sensors, weather, construction and local events. It predicts expected road speeds on most freeways and major highways.




Mack fairings added

Aerodynamic enhancements to Mack’s on-highway Pinnacle increase fuel efficiency by up to 12.5 percent. Roof fairings are available on the 70-in. high-rise sleeper and the 60- and 70-in. mid-rise sleepers.

MACK,, (800) 866-1177



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