Overdrive Staff | June 01, 2012


Oil additive for injectors

Hot Shot’s Secret removes the build-up of coking and varnishing left behind from the overheating of engine oil, the company says. The product is made to inexpensively prolong injector life, as well as fix slow start-up, rough idling, hesitation and lack of power. The product was tested for two years before final production.


Lube for natural gas engines

Chevron Delo’s new 400 NG SAE 15W-40, made with ISOSYN technology, can be used for CNG, LNG and LPG engines. The oil lubricant is specially made to protect and extend drain performance in CNG and LNG engines. Besides compatibility testing to a number of different engines, features include low wear, extended oil drain performance, and oxidation and nitration control.


Supercapacitor for heavy cranking demand

The KAPower Nickel Carbon Supercapacitor features a proprietary asymmetrical double-layer design to meet the engine cranking demands of accessory-laden engines. The ultracapacitor has nickel and carbon electrodes, non-conducting separators and an alkaline electrolyte inside each cell, all engineered to provide a dependable alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries.

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