Overdrive staff | December 01, 2009

KAFKO INTERNATIONAL,, (800) 528-0334

Tire pressure monitoring system

MP-tire-pressureThe SmarTire pressure monitoring system is available at Bendex suppliers and independent aftermarket partners. The sensor monitors temperature and pressure of each tire to provide real-time tire status details and warnings of tire-related problems to the driver or maintenance technician. The device communicates wirelessly to an on-board receiver, which forwards the information to a 2-in. display installed on the vehicle dash. 

BENDIX CVS,, (800) 247-2725

mp-heavy-dutyHeavy-duty radio

The Jenson JHD1000 heavy duty AM/FM weatherband stereo is designed with a 7-channel NOAA weatherband tuner, in addition to AM/FM radio. It also features an alarm clock, a four-channel, 120-watt amplifier and a wide-angle anti-glare LCD panel.

ASA,, (800) 688-3135

Cutter-pliers set

MP-red-pliarsThe three-piece Cutter-pliers set includes combination pliers, long nose pliers and a high leverage diagonal cutter. The combination and long nose pliers feature Snap-on’s talon grip design and diamond tip serrations. The combination pliers have an adjustable joint that allows three jaw-spread widths. The diagonal cutter has a gap near the joint that is designed to keep the tips from premature wear.

SNAP-ON,, (877) 762-7662

Suspension system

MP-suspensions-systenmThe Equalizer is a nitrogen-assisted dampening system that hydraulically transfers loads. The system oscillates around a central self-tracking pivot point to provide proportionate weight distribution in each axle grouping, regardless of varying road conditions, the company says. The Equalizer is available for use with Talbert 55SA (55-ton) and 60SA (60-ton) 3+1 spread axle series trailers and axle attachments. The system is powered by a Honda gas engine power pack as standard.


Economy-sized DEF packages

Smaller-sized packages and dispensing equipment of Fleetguard diesel exhaust fluid are now available in 1-, 2.5- and 5-gallon containers. Dispensing equipment includes air and electric pumps for both drums and totes. The product line is certified by the American Petroleum Institute and meets ISO specifications.

CUMMINS FILTRATION,, (800) 223-4583

LED tunnel lights

MP-LED-tunnerlUntitled-1The 74 series of LED tunnel lights features a 2-in. round, grommet-mounted accessory light for trucks and trailers. It operates from 8 to 16 volts and comes in amber or red. The light fits standard 2-in. rubber grommets. It comes with 0.18-in. bullet plugs, which can be removed for hard-wire connection to vehicle harnesses. The non-polarized design allows connection of the hot wire to either lead.

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