Overdrive staff | December 01, 2009

Flashlight and charging holster 

MP-flashlightA new charging holster is sold as a package with the Energizer hard case swivel light. The holster resists water and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The battery pack can be charged up to 500 times. The flashlight has three LED settings: white for bright light, red for night vision and green for inspecting pipes. The flashlight has a belt clip and its head rotates 125 degrees.

GAMBER JOHNSON,, (715) 344-3482

Self-adhesive waterproof repair

Trailer Medic self-adhesive waterproof repair for trailers is made to withstand 140 mph winds and has a reinforced aluminum surface. It can be applied to metal and fiberglass surfaces and is available in aluminum and white aluminum finishes.

COFAIR,, (800) 333-6700

SW inverter

PROwatt SW inverters give users the ability to power alternating current variable-speed hand tools and other electronics. The North American 600-, 1,000- and 2,000-watt 12-volt models have UL 458, CSA and FCC regulatory approvals. An on/off remote panel adds a user-selectable ignition lockout feature to the PROwatt SW.

XANTREX,, (408) 987-6030

Cold-crank battery

The Extreme Cycler 200 battery is a Group 31 product engineered to handle demands of no-idle legislation. Available with 700 cold-cranking amps and 200 minutes reserve capacity, product is a bridge between the company’s pre-existing Group 31 product lines and its RoadForce AGM-200 battery, a valve-regulated absorbed glass mat product. Design elements include flooded epoxy anchor bonding, a reinforced ribbed case, heavier terminal connections, screw-in caps with rubber manifold venting and oversized cast-on straps.

EXIDE,, (678) 566-9000

Heated wipers

The W.N. Miller Company has redesigned its Everblades-brand heated windshield wipers. The wiper material has been changed from EPDM to silicone, and the company said the wiper squeegee profile design has been redesigned for better durability, life and functionality.

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