Mass. fleet owner pleads guilty to bribery; FMCSA shuts down three drivers

| October 25, 2013

Bribery case
A Massachusetts trucking company owner has agreed to plead guilty to attempting to bribe a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration investigator.

Irfan Dushku, owner of Korca Enterprises, Inc., is scheduled to enter his plea in Worcester’s federal district court Nov. 21. According to his Sept. 9 plea agreement, the 43-year-old Worcester man paid a FMCSA safety investigator $1,000 hoping to prevent a negative compliance review last May.

The U.S. attorney for Massachusetts said the proprietor of the six-truck company was charged Sept. 26 in a one-count information with bribery of a public official. FMCSA records list the carrier as having operating authority, but notes a 53-percent vehicle out-of-service rate and 12 inspections during the past 24 months.

In exchange for the plea, the prosecutor agreed to recommend 12 months of probation, with the first six months in home confinement, 24 months of supervised release and a special assessment of $100. –Jill Dunn

All three imminent hazard orders proceeded from crash investigations that uncovered patterns of serious violations, a dynamic discussed in depth in Overdrive's "Crashes and Interventions" reporting as part of our CSA's Data Trail series earlier in 2013.

All three imminent hazard orders proceeded from crash investigations that uncovered patterns of serious violations, a dynamic discussed in-depth in Overdrive‘s “Crashes and Interventions” reporting as part of our CSA’s Data Trail series earlier in 2013.

Three drivers declared imminent hazards to public safety
Three long-haul drivers — licensed in the states of Michigan, Texas and Illinois, respectively — have been ordered to cease interstate operations after investigations uncovered serious violations of federal safety regulations, FMCSA said. All three investigations proceeded from the drivers’ involvement in crashes, two of which resulted in at least one fatality and the third a serious injury to a police officer.

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Michigan-licensed driver Tracy A. Ferrell, said FMCSA, was involved in a crash on U.S. Highway 23 in Pickaway County, Ohio, with a passenger vehicle.  The driver of the passenger vehicle was killed, and subsequent investigation determined that Ferrell had repeatedly and excessively falsified his driver on-duty records throughout the five-week period prior to the crash. 

Texas-licensed Scotty G. Arnst struck two pedestrians changing a flat tire on the roadway shoulder, said FMCSA, and both individuals were killed. Investigation by FMCSA determined Arnst failed to disclose to three separate employers during the previous nine-month period his involvement in five commercial motor vehicle crashes in addition to his prior terminations as a commercial vehicle operator for high-risk driving.  They also found that Arnst had potentially disqualifying medical conditions he had repeatedly failed to disclose to employers or otherwise had submitted an outdated medical examiner certificate required by federal regulations.

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Illinois-based Stewart G. Snedeker, FMCSA said, struck a tow truck and Tennessee Highway Patrol cruiser on I-75 in Campbell County, Tenn. The vehicles had been parked on the roadway shoulder with their emergency lights flashing.  A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper was seriously injured in the crash. Snedeker fled the scene and was later apprehended and charged with driving under the influence, reckless endangerment and other infractions. Investigation by FMCSA, the agency said, determined Snedeker had potentially disqualifying medical conditions and falsified his medical history to wrongfully obtain a medical examiner certificate.

Imminent hazard out-of-service orders, whether for carriers or drivers, are unique to each individual circumstance, noted FMCSA spokesman Duane Debruyne. All, however, will require specific remediation activities in order to regain authority to operate in interstate commerce. 

  • guest

    Hilarious Comedy…Bribery of FMCSA and these Lunatic Drivers bashing into COPS and Fleeing!!! ahahahahaha.
    More investigation are in Order coppers!!! Plenty of LOONS out there…The Idiots at Western Express Have 2 ALERTS near 100..when do ya look at them??? Unsafe Driving and Unfit Drivers??? Got a CLUE coppers or are ya busy Spending the Bribery Money?? Western Express is on Craigs List announcing 75CPM to unsuspecting chump drivers…but look at that SAFETY RECORD on FMCSA!!!
    Cops dont do a damn thing about Wealthy Mega Fleets do they???? Look the other way as long as the PAYOLA comes in on time???? ahahahahahhaa what a JOKE the whole thing is these days….Hilarious!!!!!

  • Kalak

    I guess Mr. Dushku didn’t get the memo that the going rate for a positive FMCSA safety review is $10,000, not $1,000.

  • John Scott

    Tip of the iceberg as they say.

  • joe

    i guess someone is not happy with western express. its not the company its you the driver who controlls when and how you drive and it will be you the driver who will go to jail if you screw up.

  • Michelle

    It’s not just the Mega Companies that get away with this kind of crap. There are LOTS of small, fly by night companies that operate just under the radar with unsafe trucks, permit violations, inadequate securement of loads, doctored log books, and that’s just for starters. A lot of the foreigners driving also have junk trucks, yet the cops just watch em drive on by…

  • charles cameron

    that’s what pisses me off,when us the few independent and 6 truck or less co are tryin our damndest to do the rite thing and all these no driving , no English speakin , 6 week trainin co, the big companys with all there dangerous no driving dimwits and the DOT just let em roll enough is enough FUCKIT !!!!!

  • Rosco

    Kalak they said he paid the dude $1,000 to not say anything,,,,, Anyway if the driver inWI. the Green Peterbuilt with light Green flames that well you know who you are ya might just wat to turn yourself in there big stapper it is on my big CB Rambo little Punk….Its just a matter of time big baller so if you have any brains at all use them,,,, FYI just because AR. State tropper didn’t catch your lie the courts will so like I say if you are what you think you are step up to the plate you sure ware the uniform now lets see how good you are ….

  • g

    Decker Truckline of IOWA…700 trucks. They advertize on Craigslist…Felony? Considered. DUI? Considered. Driving on Suspended? Considered for Employment???? Obviously they can NOT retain a SOUL at that dump and are willing to hire Charles Manson??????? What SAFETY can FMCSA possibly be talking about if the allow a huge company like DECKER to hire LUNATICS??? Must be some good PAYOLA going on at DECKER…cops SHOULD be breathing down that company’s neck….Kind of a RED FLAG that they are desperate to hire ANYONE at DECKER….get the MESSAGE COPS?????? WHY do YOU get run OVER by INSANE truckers??? Poke around at DECKER and you will see the KOOKS that are being hired by mega fleets.

  • g

    Those cops dont do a THING until one of thar BROS gets RUN OVER by an 18 wheeler….THEN they feeger they better do a compliance review of the Insane COMPAMY that hires MANIACS???? FMCSA is doin a fine job???? If a company has 100% annual turnover…that should be a RED FLAG to FMCSA that something SERIOUSLY NUTS is going on in THAT company….a little TIP for ya COPPERS!!!! You want to see some NUT JOB truck drivers THOSE places is where yamight want to INVESTIGATE.

  • Dale Moore

    I have several felony convictions from years ago when I was young & dumb, does that make me unqualified to earn a living now? One company in Florida gave me a chance, now I have my own authority, and a spotless safety record. What does your safety record look like?

  • CFR4x4

    i see every day all white americans driving junk trucks..but all 3 out-of-service drivers mentioned “just happened” to have american-english names..that makes your posting funny,not to say an o/o i started pulling an all american co trailer and i was shocked one day in a terminal’s tv room when ALL american drivers were talking about using “recreational” drugs and how they beat the drug-test !!! that is the real problem,not what you think it may be a junk..

  • Hellbent706

    One prior felony is not a reliable means to determine the future actions of a person. Too many variables. Just like one good deed does not make you a saint. I got a class “A” violent felony too when I was a young gun but I paid the price. I did my time, got a second chance, received a full pardon with all my rights restored including my gun rights. I’ve had my on authority now for 6 years with 5 trucks leased on. I consider myself a good man now wont to even run a stop sign a swamp. As far as the topic though, bribery only works if you know who to bribe. Its an art learned in the streets and involves a fierce understanding of body language, psychology and salesmanship. Best advice…Don’t even attempt it unless you’re sure it will work and willing give it all up and suffer the consequences when it blow up. Otherwise, leave it to the idiots crazy enough to try it.

  • USMC 69-75

    Yes Charles, I agree, except for the terminology! That is why I like blowing their minds by pulling in to the scale knowing I’m 100% and requesting a DOT inspection. I get my sticker, and my MCS150 gets an A+. That is what they look at when you cross the scale, if your company has a good safety rating, your more likely to get the green light, than not. The company or lease operator behind you pulling somebody’s junk with the attitude “it’s not mine, I’m not going to get it fixed. or just don’t care” they will get popped and bitch about it! I have seen it over and over again. I do ask myself how some of them get away with it, no cab marker lights, yellow tail lights, or no tail lights, not to mention tires….etc,etc…? Glad my trucking days are dwindling down, I’m so short, I have to reach up to scratch a snakes belly! 40+ trucking, 20 with my own authority, an A+ safety rating, no out of services, accidents, or tickets! ( No bribes either…LOL}

  • guest

    Yep Charles….Mega Fleets like Decker Truck Lines..Iowa…700 trucks are now begging Ex Convicts to come drive for them…because they treat their drivers like CRAP I would assume and cant get any body to work there!!
    We can SEE the NUTJOBS are out here driving…COPS are BLIND and dont want to INVESTIGATE these companies…THIS is WHERE the KOOKS are coming from…being HIRED by Lowball Mega Fleets… Speakie Nutting Amigo?? Nasty criminal PAST??? On Parole?? No Problemo…come to Mega Fleet we hire Immediately!!!

  • guest

    I agree Michelle..the LEAST these COPS can do is get these illegal FOREIGNERS out of these trucks!
    IF they have a Green Card…Fine and Dandy…but we dont need more TROUBLE and COMPETITION than we already have in trucking…cops dont give a DAMN if the “trucker” is a refugee from Quatamala here illegally UNTIL the HIT and RUN…or DOPE smuggling these illegals are FAMOUS for..the internet is FILLED with Crimes committed by illegal alien “truckers”…THIS needs to stop.

  • guest

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  • g

    Yes Charles…it wont be such a PISS OFF when you realize that this CSA is just a pathetic JOKE and Charade…keepng US busy tinkering with our trucks and logs while they Wave Thru illegal aliens hauling HUGE amounts of Narcotics…..San Onofre Cal was 15 Million BUST…..San Bernadino was 45 Million dollar BUST in 2010……get the “BIG PICTURE”???? ahahha lol

  • George

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    Myself, I would of decked ’em. (t.v room incident, I think ur full of B.S.) strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.