May 21 is deadline to begin using National Registry doctors

| February 12, 2014
To search currently listed doctors in your area, visit the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners website via this link.

To search currently listed doctors in your area, visit the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners website via this link.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Associate Administrator for Policy Larry Minor updated the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee Wed., Feb. 12, on the status of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, stressing the May 21 date on which drivers must begin to utilize doctors on the registry for their medical certifications. 

Asked how the registry is filling out with certified examiners, Minor offered numbers he “saw a week or so ago,” he said. “We were at a little over 6,000 that had completed the training and the testing, and another 1,600 or so that have taken the training” but haven’t moved all the way through the testing phase.


FMCSA proposes rule to immediately transmit medical exam results to state licensing agencies

As an addition to its National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners rule, FMCSA is proposing paperwork changes and more direct transmission procedures.

That’s a small portion of where the agency wants to be once the Registry is fully implemented. “We’re looking to get up to 40,000 to cover all of the drivers out there,” said Minor. 

MCSAC CSA Subcommittee member Mark Davison of the American Moving and Storage Association (also with Town and Country) estimated at current levels of registered examiners it would take them all doing 300 examinations annually to cover the need. “I’m also hearing [that] a lot of the doctors in the networks we’ve used in the past are saying they’re not going to go through with it.”

You can search docs in your area via the National Registry home site here.  

  • Stormy

    And if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. I kept increasing the miles and found some nurse practitioners but so far I have to go 100 miles from home. I guess I will have to do this while on a run. Would that be on duty, not driving?

  • John h

    this is getting completely outta hand

  • Wade H.

    Turns out that I can continue to get DOT physicals at the clinic I currently utilize. That said, this is a stupid policy! Doctors have to be “trained” to conduct a physical? Really?? The “process nazis” in the ivory tower at FMCSA are totally off route.

  • plee

    Just checked my area of NW Arkansas. Lots of trucking companies, very few certifications. One of the two in my city is a chiropractor. Docs at my clinic don`t think the govt can teach them anything and will drop doing DOTs. Wonder what fees will be now.

  • Kenneth D Hulett

    The clinic that is 45 miles from my home is now charging $160.00 for the same physical that my family doctor was doing for $45.00. More money, is there a government subsidy for this.

  • Shadow_58

    And the basta*ds in Washington that do not hold one degree in medicine can tell college trained doctors that they are not qualified to complete a DOT Physical but, they can perform hundreds of physicals on folks that don’t drive a truck. Wake up America, your being taken over by a Socialist S.O.B. sitting in the seat of Power in Washington along with all his brown nose kiss-as*es.

  • haller

    No subsidy. My dot. doc. is 76 miles away but he only charges $90. I wish there was a national truckers union, I would join…. South Carolina

  • Paul Miller

    My doctor, who has been my primary-care physician since 1998, has performed every one of my DOT physicals and knows me and my medical history better than anyone on the planet, will not be one of those medical examiners registered. Think about it. Maybe we are on our way to the FMCSA or the DOT being able to pull you over on the road or at an inspection station where they will have their own “medical examiners” administering physicals while the inspector is going-over your rig. Big Government keeps getting bigger, while our rights as citizens(are truck drivers still citzens?)keep fading away, day by day.

  • Dr. Mike

    Michael Megehee, DC

  • Dr. Mike

    Dr Mike

  • Dr. Mike

    Use the Free Driver Mobile App for DOT Physicals for Iphone and Droid. Just search for DOT Medical Exams.

  • guest

    Well do these doctors in the Registry speak SPANISH?? How the hell will they communicate with the “truckers” in the Southwest?? Most of them dont read or write English…to complete the forms…cant speaky English…
    How they got a job drivey trookay is anybodies guess……the number ofthese illegal Kooks is growing daily in Calif, Az, Nevada, Texas….fence hoppers…..will THEY be included in this ignorant program??

  • Cali dreamin’

    Mmm…..a chiropractor doctor qualified to do physicals? No doctors within 75 miles.

  • Allen

    My doctor is in Greenville, SC. he charged 60.00 two years ago, he got certified and he charges 60.00 today. Some doctors care about people…..most care about money! Look him up he’s at North Hills Medical Center. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.