Mayor: Warner Robins parking ban needs compromise

| February 25, 2013

ParkingThe city council of Warner Robins, Ga., stirred up a furor last Tuesday, Feb. 19, when it voted to restrict truck parking in the city to two hours, max, unless approved by the property owner. With some independents and other drivers around the nation reportedly calling for a boycott of deliveries, Mayor Chuck Shaheen said he felt “like we haven’t been as sensitive to the truckers’ needs as we should be.”

He was speaking Monday, Feb. 25, a day ahead of a meeting where council members told the Macon Telegraph newspaper they would be reaching out to the trucking community toward some sort of compromise on the issue. The idea for the ban extended largely from a particular location on Georgia 247 near the Warner Robins Air Force Base where it’s common for trucks to park staging to enter the AFB.

Shaheen said he was working on getting some land donated for parking purposes out on 247, and that he would call his City Attorney to see if there was a way to table the ban until other arrangements could be made. He said the city would proceed “very cautiously” regarding the ban, and that he was taking this on as a personal project. He is truly concerned about the parking issues, as well as the safety and welfare of the truckers.

“You tell em’ Chuck is for trucks,” he said. “We’re going to do everything we can to provide a compromise — this is my personal project right now.”

  • Kevin

    It sounds like maybe the threat of a boycott got through to someone, though the truckers in general have a hard time joining forces to get anything done.

  • jj mcclure

    if it doesn’t work out we’ll call him 2 Buck Chuck. Glad he takes this more seriously than the lame city council.

  • Dave Nichols

    just do the boycott. these snob nosed elites are due for some wake upactions!!

  • Stormy

    Chuck is out to get the bucks. Jason’s Law has funding to give out and Chuck wants his piece of the pie. If he was so in favor of trucks he never would have let this go this far. If they get some money to create parking area from donated land then will that make the trucks less of an eye sore or nuisance? They are the same trucks so what changed?

  • jj mcclure

    they care about eye sore and 50 % of the residents are black and Hispanic…what a joke

  • Mike Jones

    Funny!!!!!! Savages swinging thru the trees!! LOL.

  • Mike Jones

    Jason had to Die before the “lawmakers” could see there is not enuff Safe Places to park an 18 wheeler..the CRIMINAL knows that COPS dont want truckers carrying GUNS to defend the trucker is Open Game….if the man had a GUN in his sleeper…chances are a criminal would NOT care to mess with him and try to rob his $50 bucks…most guys are NOT carrying LARGE cash….no reason too……a GUN in EVERY TRUCK is a Great Idea…AND start busting Ground for truck Parking since we have this new LAME 10 HOUR Sleep Break..that is NOW monitored by electo logs….. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.