UPDATED: Medical certification confusion — and a state by state resource guide for meeting Jan. 30 reporting deadline

| December 23, 2013

A Louisiana-based CDL holder wrote in following Overdrive reporting on the upcoming deadline to “self-certify” with your licensing state that you have a valid medical card.

The June 2011 cover story of former Overdrive sister publication Truckers News examined the "Medical CDL" rule in brief -- at the time, drivers were under a 2012 deadline to self-report medical certification, but too many states were behind the ball, resulting in two years' worth of extensions.

The June 2011 cover story of former Overdrive sister publication Truckers News examined the “Medical CDL” rule in brief — at the time, drivers were under a 2012 deadline to self-report medical certification, but too many states were behind the ball, resulting in two years’ worth of extensions.

I’m confused about this new medical card. Do I have to go to DMV and get a different kind of card? Everyone I talk to in Louisiana has never heard of this?

The “new medical card” will be your CDL, part of the so-called “Medical CDL” rule’s long implementation, following which your medical certification will be electronically accessible to enforcement officers via your CDL, essentially, eliminating the need for drivers to carry paper medical cards.

Originally scheduled for implementation at the end of January 2012, as we reported in 2011, states’ slow progress on updating their own systems led to extensions. As reported Dec. 17, Jan. 30 is the final deadline.  

And if you don’t report your medical certification before the deadline, as wrote one commenter under the news, “your CDL privileges will be compromised.”

Download the AAMVA guide to all 50 states via this link. 

The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators has built a handy guide to all states containing contact information for drivers still needing to self-certify. Some states will accept certification information via email, and others have various procedures.

Some states, furthermore, have been collecting the information for many years already.

UPDATE 12/23/2013
CDL Program Specialist Matthew May of the Kansas Department of Revenue wrote in to update his state’s procedures, which he says are out of date in the AAMVA spreadsheet. The state has an online applications and a download of a paper application that drivers may use accessible via ksrevenue.org/vehicle.html

“If you use the online application,” says May, “it allows a driver to fill in the necessary information and even attach a PDF copy of their medical card before their application is submitted. It also has the fax number on there that drivers can use to submit documents.”

Any questions on the Kansas self-certification process can be directed to the state’s customer contact center 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday at 785-296-6834. “At the present time,” says May, “we do not have one person designated as out point of contact — it has been more of a community effort.” 

Basics of their procedures are as follows:

By mail: 
Medical certification forms and copies of medical cards can be mailed to: Driver Licensing, Docking State Office Building, Attn: Medical Cert, P.O. Box 2188, Topeka, KS 66601-2128 

By fax:
Medical certification forms and copies of medical cards can be faxed to 785-296-5859

By e-mail:
Med cert forms and copies of DOT/Medical cards can be emailed to medical.certification@kdor.ks.gov


UPDATE 12/20/2013
John Barsness of the Idaho Transportation Department wrote in to update the state’s status on accepting drivers’ medical certifications, which in the AAMVA chart was listed as still pending; access a dynamic version of the AAMVA chart via this page, click “Medical Certification”: “Idaho is actively processing med certs,” Barsness wrote, and the state “only requires a copy of the wallet card, not the full medical form. There is no charge to submit the information.”

By e-mail: dlmail@itd.idaho.gov. 

By fax: 208-334-8586

By mail: Idaho Transportation Department, P.O. Box 7129, Boise, ID 83707. 

Online: Idaho’s self-certification process also can be completed via this online form. Drivers who are required to submit a medical card to ITD may submit the card via fax, email and regular mail, or they may take the card to any county’s driver’s license office to be scanned. 

Driver Services Manager Ed Pemble is a good point of contact for questions: 208-334-8735, ed.pemble@itd.idaho.gov. 


Deadline for drivers to comply with medical certification rule coming Jan. 30

Truck drivers have until Jan. 30 to self-certify their operating status and provide medical examiner’s certificates to state driver licensing agencies.

Following find further intel shared by readers under the Dec. 17 story and on Overdrive‘s Facebook page 

Pat Huffman: This is not a big deal. Our safety director will do it for us after we get a new physical, or do it yourself. No fees are involved. Why do people cry over this stuff?

Michael Kinney: All you have to do is go to your local DMV with your medical card and tell them you’re there to self-certify. They will scan your medical card into their database. It’s that simple.

Jerry Todd: Nope — went [to the DMV] for that and was given a form to fill out — had to go someplace else and fax my CDL, long-form physical and the medical card to Nashville, along with the completed form.

Gale Humphrey: $2.00 fee in Missouri!

Julie Jensen: For Florida, I’ve had to do it for about two years now. It’s easy since I can email it to the DMV.

Devinder Bahia: In California and Arizona they already have our medical certificate in the DMV system.

Kevin J. Reidy: Took three minutes — faxed the self-certification form along with a copy of my long-form physical to the Ohio DMV. Done.

  • MAD

    I have tried to file my self cert since August last year only to find out that the TxDOT, DPS must have blown their noses with it because I found out about a month ago it was never entered. I faxed it again and still no action on TxDot, DPS to enter my info.
    So I decided to send it snail mail, but didn’t think to send it certified, still no action.
    I scanned and sent PDF and will check again in a week or two. I really don’t think these people are interested in me keeping my CDL. If exhausted all forms of getting this to them and it seems that it I’m running into a wall.
    My next coarse of action is to take a day off and drive to Austin and go in the front door and demand someone take this as seriously as I am.
    It is reported that in the state of Texas, if you don’t get this done by the dead line, you will find yourself with a class “C” license!

  • Stormy

    Once the government gets their hands in it nothing is simple. If it is they will keep changing it until nobody knows what is going on and we have to go contact a minimum of 4 people and departments before we can get it figured out.

  • MAD

    Those of you who have done it had better check to see if it is in fact a done deal. As I thought it was a done deal last August and recently as well, only to find out twice by DOT officers that it was NOT registered on their screens that I have taken care of this.

  • Norm

    Texas is screwed up they told me they could not accept it, said something about pre 1989 grandfather thing.. Stupid Texas.

  • norman ott

    I just did mine in Ks. It was easy and quick , what’s next drug test and cell records.

  • Rochelleb

    Anyone live in TX done this yet?? If so, how do you check to see if they got it???

  • George Bennett

    2.00 fee in mo. plus 1.00 to use debit card…..i paid in nickel,dimes,and pennies!

  • J.Ledet

    I just did mine in Louisiana.(12/9/13)

    Check your CDL status here: https://expresslane.dps.louisiana.gov/CDL_Medical_Inquiry/CDL_Inquiry01.aspx

    If you are not current, print this form:

    Fill it out and fax it to the CDL Unit at 225-925-3901
    along with your current physical and medical examiners certificate.

    My status was updated the same day I faxed it.

  • J.Ledet
  • Rich

    If you had your CDL before Aug. 28 1989 and don’t run interstate you don’t have to.

  • David

    I knew about the medical card being married to your CDL several months ago, and wanted to take care of it so there would be no problems. In May of this year, I got the necessary paperwork together, went to the post office, and mailed it certified, with a note in the envelope that said I wanted them to let me know that they had received it….After a month or so of not hearing from them,  I called and asked if they had received it. They said it was not in the system and to be patient because they have been overwhelmed by the new requirement..They said I still had plenty of time…yeah right…
    The latter part of September, they finally sent me a letter stating that they received my envelope, but they were unable to process due to me not sending the Self Certification Affidavit with my medical ….I new DARN well that I had…Well, the burden, once again is on the driver, (they are not the ones, where their job will be affected), so I had to go thru the process again… I took it directly to the Department of Transportation this time, instead of mailing it, they looked on their computer, and wouldn’t you know it, according to their records they found the Affidavit on July 12, and then they finally entered it into their system on October 16…… (I’m glad they let me know!!…oh wait a minute, they didn’t)…But….According to them, I am in the system, or at least I hope so

  • Keith Thompson

    in Ohio went to my local drivers station told them not working want to keep my cdl with tanker endorsement they selected option 3 for me then when i got home i looked online saw my self certify was done no fee i can go back later and re certify when i get another job with a medical card

  • WC

    I’m an Arkansas CDL holder – Where can I go to check the status and be sure they did register it?

  • Todd Dills

    Email Mandy.Endsley@dfa.arkansas.gov — she’s listed as contact in the AAMVA chart. Not sure if there’s an online system.

  • Robert

    I see no valid reason for the law and I am having the same problem a nasty letter telling me my CDL would be suspended if I did not comply but I have sent it to them three times the last time tracked if I don’t get something I am going to have someone to sign for it and that is who the lawyer will file the suite against.

  • JIM W


  • norman ott

    They did not ask for the long form all they wanted was the card, your long form is protected by HIPPA. you would have to sign a waiver before they could view it. or anyone else to access it

  • guest

    DNA sample is next…..driver also must be Monitored 24/7 on and off the truck…to be SAFE. CAMERAS must be installed facing the driver ar all times..for Safety reasons of course.

  • guest

    Yep like your Dispatcher and office clowns who want to Gawk at your Long Form and Laugh about any ailments you might have..dont deprive them of their fun…Post your Long Form on their bulletin board so they can continue with their already Abusive and Intrusive behavior. Get used to being an irritating piece of dog crap stuck on the bottom of a Dispatcher’s shoe.

  • guest

    Carry your CURRENT long form and med card on the truck in case the ignorant system is like OBAMACARE??

  • Bret McClary

    what do we do about texas is there plan to down grade every body just to get more money out of us?

  • haller

    so you voted for george WHY ?

  • Erik Tremblay

    The problem with this is DOT officers don’t even know the law. The USDOT states that once this self certification is done, you will no longer have to carry your paper medical card. However, after talking to 3 different state DOT officers, they all told me that you must carry your paper medical card and they will place you OOS for not carrying it. Why do we always need to jump through hurdles?

  • guest

    Cops are completely UNABLE to get illegal aliens OUT of trucking…in fact they ENCOURAGE these LOW WAGE savages to parade thru their Stupid weigh stations..many cant even SPEAK ENGLISH…but WE the AMERICAN CITIZENS must be thoroughly CHECKED OUT???? What the Hell is up with that?? Freight Rates and Truck Driver wage are kept LOW as we have a FLOOD of mexican drivers at the WHEEL??? Many of THESE mexicans need to be arrested..they are NOT here legally. However the AMERICAN CITIZEN trucker must continually be checked out in the Data Base??? This is totally WRONG. These Cop agencies should focus all this SCRUTINY on a SWEEP of the trucking industry FIRST to RID trucking of all illegal aliens. THEN if there is anybody LEFT they can continue to SCRUTINIZE, QUALIFY, CERTIFY, VERIFY, MONITOR, OBSERVE the AMERICAN CITIZEN TRUCKER. We sit in the truckstops with a handful of CERT CARDS and LICENSES…and observe this FLOOD of mexican drivers taking our FREIGHT and our JOBS…COP agencies do NOTHING to prevent this??? We NEVER see statistics on HOW MANY illegal aliens were ARRESTED and DEPORTED while driving 18 wheelers??? WHY is this?????

  • g

    They are ignorant Gov employees..what do you expect? They would never Survive outside their cradle to grave Gov mooching obedient slave job…they just know YOU must Obey like they do! They are NOT capable of reasoning or logic…..they are Gov clown workers….idiots basically.

  • g

    D.O.T. hires the serious Barney Fife types…no brain needed…..not exactly detectives are they?? The simpletons work the weigh station duty….dont expect much….stooges. Be happy to get the hell OUT of the weigh station with a Penny left in your pocket!!

  • racingtrt

    In Mississippi..short form only is accepted at a DMV office that handles CDL’s. Not very many of them do. Must present the card yourself in person and wait in line as long as it takes. Long form is not accepted..

  • Steve E.

    I snail mailed copies of my Ohio CDL, and my med, cert, card to Columbus DMV on Nov. 26. Got the certification update notice less than 2 weeks later. No problems here in the Buckeye. Was told at License branch NOT to fax this information. They were having lots of problems with CDL holders trying to certify via fax. Not sure if email was a good either.. The address for Ohio CDL holders:
    Ohio BMV
    CDL/Out-of-State Processing
    P.O. Box 16784
    Columbus, OH 43216-6784

  • Safey Chic

    Haven’t you heard? that a truck driver is one of the few Americans who is not allowed any privacy in his/her personal or professional life. We can we commanded to pee on the side of the road for any reason, forced to take a drug or alcohol test with the slightest provocation i.e. red eyes or runny nose, made to stay in bed for 8 hours, and work without pay for almost a full day waiting on shippers/receivers. We are photographed, vivideod, and fingerprinted. Now our medical history is up for grabs, too.
    This has been a long time in coming and would be a good thing for the CDL and medical card to be united – but as with everything else related to government – it has no continuity, from one state to another. The states should all have to agree on what happens when a CDL gets downgraded, and the application process/forms should be the same across the 50 states. But, that would be too easy, and therefore the governments can’t have that.
    I can tell you, I won’t be driving without my medical card handy anytime soon. I don’t trust anyone!!!

  • Alex

    In Oregon, the day your medical cert expires is the day your license gets SUSPENDED with all driving privileges, CDL and otherwise. So stupid. My brother in law went to get new med card but forgot to take it to DMV and eneded up getting suspended license the very same day.

  • guest

    Dont trust those Morons a MotorVehicles dept to enter your med. data correctly either….they are constantly being ARRESTED for supplying illegal aliens with FAKE CDL’s….for bigmoney…..they have no time or interest in what happens to you unless you slip them some MONEY….Crooks work in those dumps……

  • g

    You will find out if the dopes at Motor Vehicles actually got ur medical data entered correctly next time a COP runs your license….if your license is REVOKED you wont be going anywhere……if its a weekend thete is no chance of contacting Motor Vehicles…….your Load will be LATE and you will probably be terminated from your job…The company will send someone for your truck if you are a company driver..you can hitchhike home in the snow…..lol

  • g

    Its just like Obamacare..they make Sweeping LAWS nationwide Implementation for millions…but their technology will not function….funny actually..shows how stupid they are….

  • Kurt

    Louisiana is crazy

  • Kurt

    Except in Louisiana

  • bigred

    I faxed my credentials to the TN dot and then mailed a copy really early this year,,,Still not updated..

  • Michael Hauser

    I just got a letter saying I need to self certify because my medical card on file had expired. this isn’t right! I already took my new card up there last year!! and now it’s like I never went! how ridiculous. this means I may constantly be subject to showing up or faxing my card to them over and over again!

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