Medical certificate changes begin Jan. 30

Jill Dunn | November 04, 2011

A new law affecting medical certificates for CDL holders will begin implementation Jan. 30 and be phased in through 2014.

On Dec. 1, 2008, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published a final rule to require CDL holders to provide a current original or copy of their medical examiner’s certificate to the issuing state driver licensing agency.

CDL holders will have to continue carrying a paper copy of their medical certificate (DOT medical card) and carriers also will have to keep a copy of drivers’ medical certificates until Jan. 30, 2014.

Starting Jan. 30, those applying or renewing CDLs must certify with their state driver license agencies what interstate or intrastate driving category they fall under. A few states do not require proof of medical fitness for CDL holders driving in intrastate commerce.

Also on that date, those applying or renewing CDLs under the non-excepted interstate category must provide their DMV with an original or copy of their medical examiner’s certificate. Current CDL holders under this category must self-certify and provide the medical examiner’s certificate to their DMV by Jan. 30, 2014.

The purpose of the changes is to link the medical certificate to the CDL and include driver medical record in the Commercial Driver’s License Information System, the federal electronic database.

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  • craig hansen

    Oh peachy keen! Now the government wants my freakin’ medical records too! How long are we to be treated as second class or lower citizens. I suggest that all CDL holders be able to speak(clearly) in English, read and understand english too, after all aren’t all the road signs in english! BTW lets get all the Mexican trucks up here and see if they can meet all of our regs!!!! (like it is really going to matter) Perhaps if all government workers were subject to these same rules they would file suit and be screaming FOUL. I think all politicans should be in the same boat too. Obviously some of them must be doing drugs….if not they ought to be locked up for the treasonous job they are doing. I just love how the rules keep tightening the noose around the O/O’s neck. I am a productive part of our society and end up putting a great deal of my hard earned money into various government coffers, do they appreciate it, doubtful as every time I turn around they want more. Be it money, health records, drug testing, safety testing, paperwork and oh yeah more money! I am oh so glad to have only 10 more years to retirement(God willing) If you don’t like that I believe in God you can kiss my politically incorrect rump!
    To all the O/O’s struggling along in this economy. Please remember DONT HAUL CHEAP FREIGHT, There is no such thing as a backhaul, it is either a decent paying load or go away empty. If we all did this we would all make a good living for our efforts. May God Bless and Keep Each and Every One of You Safe, Healthy and Free.

    Oh and to our Marines, happy birthday guys….Semper Fi !
    Thanks Veterans!

  • willie

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  • Isabel G

    I completely agree with you, what all truck drivers should do is go on strike and see what the government does without truck drivers on the road, and I am sure WM ginn is in the greatest shape ever with all the bs the government comes up with.
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  • Bobby

    We are our own worst enemies. We have so much power if we will use it. If we would all get together and just park our rigs until we get the fuel where they belong and get the regulations we want. We do this and the government and all their B.S. will have to listen. The people will demand it.

  • Robbert

    It’s abought time we take a Vacation, parke our trucks and let the loads pile up, company drivers can’t handel it all and some won’t pass the picket when they hear, time to park it let the press know and say don’t blame us when milk is $10.00 a pint ect. blame the dumb a nuts that are in washington A fool pulls infront of us stops w/intent to get rich we get blamed, and the fool who chooses to watch porn and drive they should be charged with recless driveing. this is the beginning. first we are required to tell provide for the budget defficet, now we must produce a physical before we drive? if you don’t have it when DOT ask your in big trouble dow it’s double jeprody you must have it to keep your licence ok let the 4wheelers travel to get thier Ipod or phone from CA when it comes in the fools in NY will cry foul, or travel to pick up thier new BMW those in LA will cry foul. not to mention Goverment motors. I can keep going.
    I say lets strike.

  • Robbert

    I agree Brother lets do a truckstop strike park it and wait bet if we don’t break ranks the bleeding heart lib will when they can’t get thier stuff or it is beyond what they want to pay

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