Meet the Fleet

Max Kvidera | November 01, 2010

His company conducts an internal audit of procedures twice a year, and an ISO auditor performs a twice-annual audit as well. “Basically we’re getting a DOT [type] audit four times a year for traceability and accountability,” he says.

When it comes to maintenance, the attention to quality focuses the company on preventive practices. “If something looks like it’s starting to get worn, it’s replaced,” Everhart says. “There’s no waiting until it breaks.”

Everhart says his decision to buy Volvo trucks contributes to maintaining a high service level. He views trucks as a tool to make money, and Volvo delivers for his drivers and a majority of the 28 owner-operators leased on.

“When you talk about maneuverability, visibility, being lightweight and reliability, that screams Volvo to us,” he says. The combination of safety engineering, steel cab construction and driver-side airbags makes it possible for his drivers to survive “in a worse-case scenario,” he says.

Everhart also likes the fuel economy he achieves with his fleet, averaging between 7.0 and 7.1 mpg.

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