Mexican bus carrier ordered to cease U.S. operation

| May 15, 2013

Still in the midst of its “Quick Strike” operation started last month, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ordered Mexican-based bus company Autobuses Zacatecanos to cease all operations in the U.S. after agency investigators found the company was not inspecting or maintaing its vehicles and that its drivers were not complying with hours of service rules nor logging hours.

The bus carrier marks the agency’s 20th shutdown of the year so far. Seven of those have been trucking companies, and 13 have been bus companies. Moreover, three additional commercial driver’s license holders have been shutdown.

The Quick Strike program has put 50 specially trained investigators in the field to target high-risk carriers. “Bus and truck companies that fail to adhere to our safety regulations will not be allowed on our highways and roads,” said Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “We demand that safety come first.”

Click here to see a copy of the imminent hazard out-of-service order.



  • No Reform

    meheecano Bus Company??? was that a clue for you geniuses??

  • A

    Those people are living in cardboard houses, you think they are going to maintain their trucks to our standards. We cant work on trucks near the border because there are guys working for twenty bucks an hour out of the back of their Chevy’s.

  • jj

    look for the trucks that smell and held together with tape

  • No Reform

    So True!!

  • Monique Guzman

    Our USDOT along with all of its affiliates are clueless on what transportation companies are doing. And what it really takes to be safe on Americas roads. Its not the wetbacks as if you havent notice there’s immigrants from all over the world not just mexico just letting you know. Now if they cant hire CHP/CSA or USDOT staff with knowledge in the industry how can the system improve? Impossible,,,along with all these middle men making money of free services and government allows it and plays part with it. Now that being said I hope the new administration on the USDOT improves

  • mousekiller

    Jeez people get a clue. It is not all the Wet backs as some of you call them that are the problem with highway safety. It is drivers. Pure and simple. If we drivers cleaned our own house years ago and stopped the reduced skill level and properly trained drivers and kept out the riff raff this would not be happening. Illinois has the most CASH start up trucking companies in the US now. These companies are Muslim owned, Russian and Serbian and others nationalities from the mid east. Their drivers might have a visa and or work permit. They are sitting in the shadows waiting for the Mexican illegals to become legal with obamas insistence so they too can come out of the dark. It will not matter what country your from with immigration reform.They are no safer than anyone else but far more un safe when you watch them driving and parking. Wet backs , wrong term. Nationality matters not. It is called training, or lack thereof, skill and how it is used.

  • Dave Nichols

    it’s all about the money. If you pay peanuts for salaries, to a doctor you will get peanut class care. what makes truck drivers any different? None strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.