Mexican trucking association wants $30 billion from U.S. for alleged non-compliance with NAFTA

| February 18, 2014

mexicoA Mexican trucking trade association has reportedly filed arbitration action against the U.S. and wants $30 billion, saying the U.S. has not fully complied with the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement by not fully opening its borders for truck trade.


Supreme Court denies review of FMCSA’s pilot program with Mexico

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association’s request to hear its case against the federal cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico.

The report comes from, who says the Mexican trucking group Canacar filed the arbitration.

The arbitration, per the report, says 30,000 Mexican truckers have been affected by the closed border and have signed onto Canacar’s legal action.

The report also sources Canacar director Jose Refugio Muñoz Lopez as saying that the U.S. government is trying to reach a negotiation with the group. 


Hours, logbook violations get Mexican carrier booted from pilot program

For the first time since the program's 2011 inception, the FMCSA has revoked the authority of a Mexican carrier participating in its cross-border trucking pilot ...

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s cross-border pilot program was also a target in the arbitration action, as Muñoz called the program unsatisfactory as a “mechanism for U.S. compliance” with NAFTA’s border provisions. 

MexicoTrucker’s report also notes President’ Obama’s meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña, where the two could discuss the issue, per the report. 

  • guest

    As Taxpayers who would have to PAY these Billions…out of OUR taxes…I vote No….AND I vote to declare WAR on mexico and take over this Pain IN The ASS country..and make them be our Slaves. Best Solution to these mooching Pukes.

  • guest

    What a Comedy. Who in their right mind wants a 3rd world mexican nutjob
    up here in Our Country driving a truck?? I dont see benefit for Any American?? The mexican driver is Famous for Hit and Run driving with 20 THOUSAND reported ANNUALLY in Los Angeles ALONE!!! Maybe we can Pay them to stay in mexico….that money would be Well spent….invite all these illegals back to mexico city so their ignorant Presidente can baby sit them…..America is More than sick of hearing the DEMANDS of mexican Parasites. They are welcome to go to Hell.

  • deparkins

    They might want to show some common-sense towards the U.S. after we at least let them into this country to drive and transport their drugs — er — loads!

  • Porter M. Corn

    Why don’t you take your racist, ignorant bullshit somewhere else “guest”.

    James Jaillet……….. This arbitration is nothing new. It was filed back on April 2, 2009 and got the attention of the current administration who put in place this so-called Pilot Program which to date, has been successful such as it is. Once the administration started allowing the Mexicans the access we agreed to in 2000, this arbitration was put on hold.

    Now, with the end of the Pilot Program 8 months away, CANACAR is bringing the threat of arbitration back to the table to make certain we finally comply with our promises and obligations we made to Mexico 20 years ago.

    There is nothing whatsoever calling for “demonstration projects” nor “Pilot Programs” in the NAFTA accords, only National Treatment… National Treatment is nothing more equal access. Nothing more, nothing less….

    Keep your eye on my site James, and by the way, thanks for the attribution here, as I am working on an analysis of the arbitration complaint. Should be up in a few days as time permits once I complete this turn.

  • ironage

    Mexico is a corrupt society, from the top all the way down. They are parasites sucking the blood out of the U.S.

    The drug cartels are likely going to be involved with Mexican trucking companies….count on it, in fact!

    Most of these Mexican truckers already have 4 or 5 “aliases”…so they don’t give two shits about CSA 2010…or meeting the standards that American truckers have to meet!

  • guest

    All True….we have enuff mexicans up here thank you…al with fake names….nobody knows who the hell they are or what their background is…our truckstops look like Prisons today….lots of criminals from mexico driving trucks up here.

  • guest

    Here comes Cheerlead for the mexicans…he is allowed to Swear all he wants in his comments…showing he is Low Class All The Way. Editors allow him to cuss at other commenters since Old Corny sucks up to the Editors here. Apparently he has a BLOG of his own Promoting mexican truckers….maybe he IS a mexican?? He must derive INCOME from mexico…maybe a broker’s Joe Boy??
    Not exactly Pro American are you??

  • guest

    Viva Meheeco!!! This is what truckers want to hear that NOW we are going to give trucker tax money to mexicans?? Sure $30 Billion?? Sounds Great!
    These mexicans want OPEN BORDERS to all mexican Trucks??? Sure…sounds Xlnt!! Cmon in Amigos..take everything we have! Judging from yer neighborhoods as we can see over the border….ur sparkling cities….what great SKILLS you jack asses have. 3rd world Clowns. Stay Home.

  • PattyCakes

    ….. too funny ….. suing us …. just too funny.

    Ya’ know, maybe it’s about time we said, ‘ Come on in … but we aren’t guaranteeing your Safety, please carry ‘ Return Personal Effects To ‘ info on your person at all times ‘

    ……….. you know, similar to a U S Citizen visiting that model city of tranquility, Jaurez.

  • Bigmarv1

    Its obvious you have forgotten the First Amendment which entitles everyone freedom of speech be it right or be it wrong. “Guest” has every right to express his opinions and it is is anti-anything, its his God given right to do so just like you have the God given right to express your Pro-anything that you wish to express.
    In my opinion I myself don’t see what the successes were about this pilot program in the first place.
    Does this so called access also include drug running into the United States? Because that is what is happening right now as we speak as well as the loss of American Job.
    National Treatment you say? What about “National Treatment” for Americans and their right to maintain and keep American jobs?
    There is a possibility that there is something within this arbitration that is a provisional clause that can put an end to this program and the other side wants to hold on and use whatever mean necessary they can to have unimpeded access to the United States.
    Now are you going to deny that there is cartel ties to the Mexican Trucking Industry? Because just not to long recently there was a tractor-trailer that was running a trailer load of money from Chicago back to Mexico.It was $3 million dollars to be exact. The drivers who came from Mexico drove to Chicago to pick up the trailer load of money for Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman. The drivers of that tractor trailer transporting the trailer load of money was Juan Gonzalez and David Zuniga who work for Guzman’s Sinaloa Cartel.
    Just so you know, this cartel and cartel like these transport drugs and money back and forth from Mexico to the United States and back to Mexico, plus these drugs are sold in the inner cities of America by people of color whether you know it or not or even care.
    You just want an excuse of promises and obligations to open up the border for these trucking companies and their cartel friends to have free roam in the United States.
    Sounds good Mr.Corn.
    Where is your National Pride Man!!!!!!!!!

  • Bigmarv1

    And there is one other vital piece of information that I failed to add to my response to you. That money that was being transported by the two gentlemen from Chicago back to Mexico was hi-jacked by a gang called the Gangster Disciples. This gang was doing deals with Guzman’s Sinaloa Cartel and the Gangster Disciples decided they wanted the drugs and their money back,so they took both the drugs and the money from these two driver. One driver was pistol whipped and the other got away and called the police. But here is the kicker Mr.Corn.
    Guzman wanted a receipt from the driver that the police had all $3 million dollars and if these two drivers couldn’t produce that asked for receipt,then Guzman was going to have their families killed.
    Isn’t that something? Wanna dance,you have to pay the band.
    This is what Mexican Trucking brings to America. These cartels have a very strong hold here in America and in the Mexican trucking industry.

  • Bigmarv1

    Too late deparkins,
    Its already happened and will continue to happen.There a few articles from different Chicago News Papers that link Mexican drug cartels with Mexican trucking already.

  • JJMcClure

    Mexico is a toilet and will always be one. Anyone doing business with Mexico is a traitor.

  • guest

    From a business perspective it is Logical that
    Drug Cartels would promote all this Cross Border Mexican trucking….big money to be made on drug shipments and PAYOLA can get a shipment across easier….Corruption from end to end will prevail as the Norm as this stupid “program” continues…..Big Money to be made by all involved. Crooked Cops cant wait to get their share too.

  • guest

    Juarez..what a crap box of a Dump…Murder capital of Meheeco.

  • guest

    Agreed….they bring nothing but trouble. We sure have no need for their dumb “Trucking Services”. I think we can handle it with American Drivers doing the Transporting..with REAL credentials..and REAL NAMES????

  • guest

    All True!! Mr Corn has a big interest in having all these mexicans driving up here…he has a Blog and writes articles to further Cheerlead this effort. He doesnt say WHY he backs these mexicans. But I would be suspicious…he is Pro Mexican…but shows no loyalty to America? Sounds shady to me….must be MONEY involved..he has a huge interest in seeing Mexicans and their trucks.

  • guest

    Totally Agreed…..we are Americans NOT mexicans or Russians….Weneed to be concerned with OUR Future…not some mexicans future. They have their own presidente….and their own corrupt country/sesspool.

  • guest

    Yep Porter Corn will use swear Words and badger and Try to intimidate anyone who does not agree with this Mexican Cross Border Trucking “program”……he will Hurl insults at you….he is Promoting this mexican trucking fiasco. He has a Blog and writes articles supporting Mexico…there is never anything GOOD said about this Kook. He sucks up to the Editors and Praises them for helping to promote Mexicans in America…but never anything about Americans in America.

  • James

    “Maybe we can Pay them to stay in mexico”
    Sorta like paying Farmers to NOT grow potatoes?

  • Porter M. Corn

    Aparently you’ve missed the news articles where it has been proven that CIA and other entities of our government has been protecting El Chapo. Not that that has anything to do with Mexican trucking, Want to reduce the demand for drugs? Follow the lead of Colorado and Washington states.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Screw mexico !

  • Bigmarv1

    No I haven’t missed it and its not news to me because the DEA has also been protecting this guy and people like him for years. It has a lot to do with Mexican Trucking because Trucks from Mexico are used and most of them belong to trucking companies.
    What Colorado and Washington State be doing something,but its not all that effective because drugs still exist in those state like every other state Mr.Corn.
    But let me make sure I make myself clear here for you Mr.Corn. I am not in any way saying that every truck that comes from Mexico is running drugs to and from Mexico into the United States. I said most of them.

  • PattyCakes

    It’s well past time we stopped letting our purported ‘ Reps ‘ screw us with Laws / Treaties … well past time we just said NO

    ….. believe it or not, we’re a Country founded on … ‘ No, we aren’t going to do that ‘

  • hoseacanyousee

    Mr. porter corn……answer the question… is common knowledge of your families involvement with the Zeta cartel in Nuevo Laredo…..answer all the people honestly if one of your so-called sons was picked up by the Mexican marines with an automatic weapon…drugs and is a known Zeta operative……answer the US truckers MR. Corn…….?????? what was your cut??????
    This guy is a FRAUD…….ask him about his family

  • hoseacanyousee

    Why don’t the editors write an article AMERICAN TRUCKER RAISES CARTEL HITMAN. Porter Corn wants drugs legalized and everyone knows that the cartels transport the majority of the drugs by trucks too and from the border. I wonder were he gets his funding for Mexico trucker Online?
    Porter corn is an expert on the cross border whore program though. He went on one of those party trips to Nuevo Laredo and never returned. He has made a lifetime of those trips whoring all over the border cities.
    Pinche Puto Trailero

  • hoseacanyousee

    ♦This came up about Mr Porter Corn in Nuevo Laredo Tamps Mx.
    With an internet search,,,,,,calls himself el guapo on this blog
    Read the whole comments wrote by him and you judge for yourself.
    At the end he posts he is the owner of Mexico Trucker Online

    Sep 29, 2013; 6:19pm

    Re: 23 Zetas Arrested in Coahuila, Including 9 Minors and 2 Women

    446 posts In reply to this post by WeyDeLaFrontera

    I dont mind sharing. Trust is, i dont know a hell of a lot and that’s what pisses me off.

    Couple of weeks ago, I’m lying on the couch taking a nap and hear this pounding next door. A team of Mexican Naval Marines are breaking in the door on a vacant house next to mine.

    Later, found out it would have been my house but not for the grace of a neighbor telling them an American lived in my house.

    Found out the reason later when I learned my 17 year old son and his girlfriend had been arrested at their home in Nuevo Laredo and flown to the PGR headquarters in Escobedo.

    According to his mother, they were sitting at home minding their own business. According to what she let slip later, they’re accused of being in possession of a quantity of marijuana and an AK-47. Personally, I tend to believe the military as the Marines don’t go around busting run of the mill delinquents.

    According to his mother, he’ll be in TC for six or seven months while the judge decides the case. Far as I’m concerned, he did the crime, he can fucking well do the time. That’s not the way I raised my kids.

    Wish I could see some charging documents though. I’ve seen nothing and nothing on the news or in. The papers about it.

    Contributing journalist to SiriusXM Road Dog Channel #106 and the award winning “The Lockridge Report”, Member of TWNA, owner of Mexico Trucker Online,

    Sep 29, 2013; 6:30pm

  • guest

    Interesting Info about Porter Corn. He seems like a Total Kook. He does live in Mexico….his “son” from the marriage to the mexican is now in Prison….sounds like whatever he POSTS here in Overdrive isnt worth 2 Cents.

  • guest

    This Guy Porter Corn is apparently a total NutCase. He looks like he is an inmate in a mental hospital….his bald headed Kook photo is hilarious.

  • guest

    Thanks for the Update from Hosecanyousee….Corn doesnt PRESENT himself here on Overdrive comments as a Journalist and Publisher living in Mexico…..he just gets on here and tries to Bully, Belittle, Intimidate and Use Swear words at anyone who disagrees with his opinion that mexican truckers should be taking our jobs and driving all over America! He sucks up to the editors here and praises them IF they agree with his Psychotic Ramblings about GREAT mexican truckers are. What a disgusting Traitor to the American People he is.
    He runs this crappy “Mexico Trucker Online” if every word he Writes is Gospel.
    He has a vested INTEREST in taking his stance WITH the mexican Generate INTEREST in his crappy online magazine……none of what he does or writes is in the INTEREST of AMERICANS….he is like the Wizard Of Oz…behind the curtain. CREATING controversy and INTEREST. he is a BLOWHARD.

  • guest

    Thanks hosecanyousee….Yes there is some reference online that Porter Corn’s mexican son…was arrested with an AK-47 Rifle…and is Now behind bars. So listening to Porter may not be too valueable…apparently he and his family are a bit “Unhinged”????

  • guest

    Agreed…hosecanyousee….good work digging up the dirt on this LOON!! He represents the interests of the mexican people and shows them in a favorable Light ..since he LIVES in Mexico…and publishes a Rag called Mexico Trucker Online…..naturally it will be SLANTED to favor La Raza and his mexican neighbors….yippee…I guess we can see which side his BREAD is BUTTERED on…he may as well denounce his American Citizenship…he is a TRAITOR…and is of Zero benefit to any AMERICAN.

  • hoseacanyousee

    Here is some more about Mr corn you might find interesting from a few years back… wonder his kids turned out like they did

    Comment by nk — 9/10/2007 @ 7:36 pm

    Porter Corn is basicaly a racist against taxpaying legal white americans, and he is white himself. He is and old druggy trucker, and resides in nuevo laredo…’boys town’ and even own the website and promotes drug use and prostitution, as you will see. this man also is running the blog in which he makes himself thi ‘final authority’ on the cross border pilot program. He is an ememy to all americans who have worked so hard for so long, and pay taxes, and have fought to live here legaly.
    He is arogant and disrespectful to all who oppose mexican truckers with PURCHASED CDL’s having free access to our roads in the U.S.A.

    I know this man, and he is only a border town partier, and lives with prostitutes, tannies, and drug runners. check his site out, and then check mine out. mine is in opposition to the cross border pilot program, and DEFINITELY against Porter Corn – aka mexicotrucker.
    for the truth

    check it out, and feel free to participate in this new blog. interesting, no-nonsense conversation would be a nice change after all the hate against americans he spews on his site.
    would you raise your kids..(illigitimate or not) in Nuevo Laredo?? how pathetic. … g-rolling/

  • guest

    These mexican carriers are not going to want to abide by all these new rules anymore than American Drivers….it make trucking a pretty crappy occupation in America…they will probably prefer to stay home than be hassled by COPS all day… is very hard to Maintain a good driving record and an acceptable Safety Record for FMCSA…..only a ROBOT would be interested…its Expensive too staying Current with New Tires and Certified drivers….I would bet this stupid “program” will not be sought after by these lawless, corrupt, crazy mexicans.

  • tired of it

    Arbitration Action? Sure let’s talk! then afterwards you AND your Mexican Trucks can take their A$$E$ back across the boarder and…well, We will see ya later, right after we close the boarder to Mexican Trucking all together!

  • guest

    I always here BAD things about this P.O.S…he communicates with Overdrive Editors alot on this site and apparently OVERDRIVE sanctions Porter Corn as an upstanding “authority” in the trucking world. Great to know OVERDRIVE has Sterling Sources for their Information…this Porter Corn is basically a Nut Job.

  • guest

    You are right hosecanyousee…the Editors here at Overdrive suck up to Porter Monroe Corn(Reverend).
    This shows the CREDIBILITY of this RAG. Overdrive also LOVES mexican truckers…they support Foreigners..but NOT American Truckers. They have an AGENDA..and are Bought and Paid For to spread lies.

  • hoseacanyousee

    I can see you did some looking on the net as well. He use to call himself a reverend.
    If your son is arrested in Mexico with an
    Ak47 and belongs to a terrorist group…the Zetas………Somebody needs to look into what all he is up too with all this anti-American rhetoric…….they talk about the greatest threats are home grown terrorists. Looks like the Rev. is training them on the border…if not directly, he is indirectly, he raised the kid and that’s his words not mine.

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  • guest

    When pigs fly..America will hand over 30 Billion Dollars greedy extorting mexican criminals. THIS is the Thanks the mexican gives to AMERICA. Nobody wants or needs these 3rd world criminals in OUR country anyway. Everyone of them should be arrested and DEPORTED. There is ZERO benefit for American Truckers in having these criminal pukes uphere in OUR country. They could focus on Building their OWN country instead of MOOCHING off our Already Built country??? Petition their OWN Presidente for a “Better Life”….easier to SUCK OFF America???? Pukes.

  • myron

    tell them to get there trucks up to standards as U S and Canada does and they are welcome

  • guest

    Yes Old Man CORN is basically a Traitor. He has lived in mexico for 15 years…not much of an AMERICAN is he?? Supports everything Mexico..which is a FOREIGN country..nothing to do with OUR country and OUR interests as AMERICAN truckers. This rag Overdrive seems to CONSORT with this clown as if he is the Final Word on cross border trucking…Overdrive and their Cronies like to SUCK UP tothis Traitor(and possible Criminal). CORN has no interest in AMERICANS….why does Overdrive lick this clown’s butt???? American Truckers are paying the BILLS at Overdrive..NOT mexicans. They should figure out AMERICANS are Interested in AMERICA…not some ignorant 3rd world P.O.S.

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  • ron s

    its a way for the drug cartels to ship all there drugs into the united states , posioning our country even more strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.