Minnesota to use cameras at truck stops, rest areas to help truckers find parking

| January 23, 2013

The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced last week it is beginning a pilot program of sorts at a rest area a the intersection of I-94 and I-494 in which cameras in the parking lot will be used to check availability of parking for truckers.

“The project will test whether this information improves truck drivers’ ability to find parking and reduce driver fatigue,” says MnDOT’s website. The testing phase starts this month at the I-94 Elm Creek Rest Area and will run through April, and afterward, the system will notify drivers of available parking space via a website, in-cab messaging and signage along I-94.

MnDOT says it will expand the system after the initial testing, too, saying that it will use automated cameras and wireless servers to check truck stops and rest areas along I-94 for parking spaces and relay the information in real time to drivers. Cameras will be installed at rest areas and at least one Piilot Travel Center.

“When a truck approaches a digitized buffer at 20-, 10-, 5- or 1-mile points, the driver receives a notification indicating how many spaces are available at each upcoming parking facility. This particular system ensures that drivers are not in violation of the new federal ban on texting and cell phone use,” says MnDOT’s website.

  • Stormy

    And they record your license plate on truck and trailer on the way on and on the way out. They also have cameras all around the parking lot so now they can watch inside our trucks while we are sleeping. Saw one setting up and can’t help but wonder how many tax dollars that could go to roads are going to more eyes to watch us.

  • jescott418

    I doubt they will work that well and many times at truck stops their are usually a constant influx of trucks coming and going.

  • mousekiller

    Parking spots are like flies. Here one minute gone the next I have seen 10 spots disappear in 5 minutes . Hers the real reason for MN to promote this.

    It is Minnesota’s way of violating your privacy by saying it is for your benefit and it will help you find a parking space. First the fatigue check list that was found illegal and now video proof that you were not stopped for exactly 10 hrs or whether you did a proper PTI check. This system is not run by a private group but the MN government that hates truck drivers..

  • martymarsh

    Oh yeah, this system is going to bite you, they do nothing to benefit you when it cost something. Everything is for safety, as long as they are collecting a dollar.

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