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Wendy Parker

Missing a day is out of the question

  • Kristine Beaman

    Sure glad you are OK now, Wendy:-)

  • Craig Vecellio

    What you said about being forced to take a week off for one day couldn’t be truer! In my divorce, my ex-wife was gifted at manipulating visits so I had to constantly reschedule by her always being ‘busy’. I was an I/C leasing my truck, so theoretically I was able to take the time off….and work 3 days per week average with a truck to pay for. Domestic Relations arbitrarily decided, since I had the ‘choice’ of taking time off, that I ‘wasn’t working to my capacity.’ I wound up obligated to a child support payment based on double my income. I had to let the truck go (fortunately, Roehl does not report situations like that to your credit history, bless them for that) and become a company driver with a fracking company, which paid better money with predictable time off, but I hated the work. Eventually, I got laid off, as did a lot of us after a mild winter tanked the price of NG. Then the support order was adjusted to a more reasonable level; $510 per month with no job. (Since I actually made fracking what D.R. thought I was making all along my unemployment was high.) I bounced back some as a company driver. In that position, there is no question of my ‘capacity’ since it is decided by my employer.

  • Loose Cannon

    Wendy, good to hear you beat the sand worm; I’d really miss reading you! For what it’s worth, they’ve scanned my cat a few times, too, and I didn’t even know I had one. And yes, the drugs are wonderful, but I have to take days off to enjoy them, which really defeats the purpose.

  • Fred

    You certainly like the sound of your own voice with the drivel you write….

  • Wendy

    Fred, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. The information gathering program RR uses to see who is being read and who isn’t doesn’t discriminate between whether or not they like what they read, it mostly just counts comments and clicks. So if you don’t like it, don’t read it and by all means, don’t comment on it. The quickest way to get rid of the “drivel” you speak of is to have those numbers fall, and you just supported them by taking the time to not only click on the story, spend the time reading it, but comment on it as well. So thanks, buddy. I appreciate the numbers. Have a great day.

  • Linda

    Hmmm, I assumed Fred was speaking to Craig. Now I’m not really sure.

    My thoughts after reading Craig’s comment were that it was very personal & maybe not completely appropriate to Wendy’s story. But… I’ve been dealing with serious health issues the last few years & the sad end to my marriage because “in sickness & in health” meant somthing different to him. Sometimes we just need to feel that someone hears us & cares.

  • William McKelvie

    Wow, so MISSING any time from not running that truck is that destructive? SMH. No wonder guys are willing and more than happy to run for just over a dollar a mile freight. Desperate comes to mind, so does poor financial business decisions. I suggest maybe you look into someone like Dave Ramsey, or even CMC convention. It’s not and should never ever be about what you have said here. And I am actually surprised it is, as educated about the business world and things to do with the industry as you present yourself, that you would not have the opportunity nor the means to take any time away from the road. So I strongly suggest that you run budgets, yes budgets. Every quarter or every month. Then you can find out exactly where and why and how your money is actually being handled. Living for paychecks is no way to live. Landstar holds such classes for their contractors free of charge. Well you do have to show up and participate, and a lot of folks bitch about that. Losing revenue for that day or days into that class. But in the end they are actually saving, by learning how to run efficiently, not just run freight.

  • jon

    Two weeks ago I had to rush my self to the hospital by way of ambulance for a cut finger that was way too deep to just use the ‘Neosporin’ Cover Technique. Four stitches later I debriefed the situation to myself and it made sense to me to take the actions I did.
    1. Finger got in the knifes way during a Ziptie removal.
    2. Realizing cut was too deep to ignore began to find where to fix wound process.
    3. Called Boss/Owner to communicate what just happened and update location (Petro Gary!)
    4. Panicked over truck, load, customers, how much this was gonna cost.
    5 . lightheaded and dizziness set in
    6. Rushed in side truck stop so if I did pass out I would not be run over, or robbed!
    7. Hospital was closet fix it place
    8. Fighting of going out took over called for ambulance
    9. Made it to hospital 4 stitches implanted.
    10. Laughs and Ribbing from friends and family.
    11. Thankfully return to truck by hospital security!
    12. Went to bed.
    For all the time I have been alive these were the first stitches and the reason for almost passing out was being tired and I had not eaten and I do not enjoy seeing the inside parts of my body. Can not wait for the bill to arrive for this!

  • Fred

    No one cares sugar britches……

  • TheTruth

    This probably would have been a good story if not for the attempts at humor. You really are “not funny”, not even a little bit, and your attempts ruin the story,
    This is not an attack, although I’m sure you’ll take it that way, but merely criticism that should be used to improve what could be a good author. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.