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Mississippi officials oppose higher truck weights

| November 17, 2011

Mississippi transportation, safety and municipal officials are speaking out against Congressional proposals to increase heavy truck weights.

A Senate bill, S. 747, and House bill, H.B. 763, the Safe and Efficient Transportation Act, would increase maximum truck weight to 97,000 pounds from 80,000. The American Trucking Associations and Truckload Carriers Association support the increase.

“We at the Mississippi Department of Transportation are 125 percent opposed to this effort by Congress to increase weight limits on our highways,” said Central District Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall. “This measure will be counterproductive to all the progress we’ve made thus far and will hinder any future efforts.”

Allen Lyles, president of the Mississippi State Troopers Association, said, “By adding almost 20,000 pounds to the weight of a truck, you add 90,801,840 ft.-lb. of energy at 65 mph. In the real world, 20,000 more pounds on a big rig is a recipe for disaster, and most professional truck drivers would tell you the same thing.”

  • Dan Meginnis

    Mississippi is 125% correct when it comes to the accessment of this rule. The motoring public driving skills are not getting better but probably worse. Congress wants to put more weight on the trucker, thus making the job of driving a CMV much more intense. Following distance will have to be quite a bit greater. This is always easier said then done. When there is a collision between a 96.000 lbs CMV and a 2000 LBS vehicle the damage to the smaller vehicle will be devastating to property and Life.

    As an industry, the trucking community has done much better when it comes to stats involving CMV crashes. This will go out the window if Congress and Special Interest Groups get this law passed.

  • sandra griffin

    mississippi just want the fines they get because it has to be paid on the spot or go to jail i know this from doing hurricane cleanup when katrina hit they harrassed us to no ends down there and we had permits to be 98,000 to get the job done that is all mississippi cares about is the damn money strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.