Missouri adding truck parking by converting rest areas

Jill Dunn | June 04, 2012

Missouri will continue its initiative to expand interstate truck parking by transforming the I-29 Mound City rest areas to truck parking. Work begins this month.

The Mound City rest areas each currently offer seven spaces for trucks or RVs, but will provide 60 spaces each after conversion. In recent years, Missouri has increased parking by converting older facilities to strictly truck parking areas.

State transportation workers will demolish the northbound location, which is the last Missouri rest area on I-29 before Iowa. They will start on the southbound rest area after completing the new Rock Port Welcome Center at the I-29 Rock Port exit. The new Rock Port location is expected to provide more truck parking than older welcome centers have and is anticipated to open mid-June.

MoDOT will remove Mound City’s buildings and picnic areas to create parking, as it did when it transformed the I-70 Mineola rest areas into truck parking last June. The new Mound City locations will provide minimal facilities, including vault or no-flush toilets.

  • marty marsh

    Everything has it’s plus and minuses,I mean everything.Yes it is good to have more truck parking,we have needed more for at least 20 years now.BUT,all of these places that have put in alot of parking for trucks have an over abundance of DOT officers,which in my mind if I pull in a rest area to go to sleep 1 DOT officer is an over abundance,more so if he wants to check me out.
    I wouldn’t have a problem with that if they didn’t have to always justify their job,meaning they are always going to find something wrong,which is going to cost me.They know just like everyone else knows that if they don’t bring in the money they are going to be out of a job.That is a pretty sad way to have to keep a job.

  • JustSayinEP

    Only in Missouri! Bulldoze one of the best rest stops along any interstate anywhere and put in a duel seat outhouse! This was absolutely a great rest area for those traveling with dogs. Doesn’t take too much to figure that the Mizzou tea-baggers didn’t want to spend money to maintain a quality rest area and pay someone to mow the grass when they could bulldoze and destroy it ( a one time cost) and let people travel on to Iowa with the area closed.

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