Modern, no-emissions diesel engines gain market penetration

| June 25, 2013
According to a report released this week from the Diesel Technology Forum, about 28 percent of trucks registered in the U.S. employ 2007 or later emissions mitigation technology and output almost no particulate matter or NOx.

DTF’s report says about 2.5 million of the 8.6 million trucks in the U.S. are “clean diesel engines,” and the data used by R.L. Pok and Company — who compiled the report for DTF — includes registration information for 2007 to 2012 Class 3-8 trucks in all 50 states and D.C.

Allen Schaeffer, executive director of DTF, says modern emissions technology has reduced NOx output by 99 percent and particulate matter by 98 percent. “Emissions from today’s diesel trucks and buses are near zero thanks to more efficient engines, more effective emissions control technology and the nationwide availability of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel,” he says. “What makes the new diesel technology even more remarkable is model year 2010 and later trucks are experiencing an average of three to five percent improvement in fuel economy.”

The percentage of trucks equipped with 2007 or later emissions tech has increased by 3-5 percent each year since 2007, DTF’s report shows. That year, about 9.4 percent of trucks on the road used that year’s technology. That number rose to 13.9 percent in 2008, 16.9 percent in 2009, 20.1 percent in 2010 and 24.1 percent in 2011.

  • localnet

    Of course emissions are reduced, we have a fleet of these trucks… They are always in the shop broken down.

  • Richard Leigh Walker

    Has anybody done a study on cost per mile on these trucks? We currently have 2 trucks that are 2007 and newer and I have had to rebuild the motor 2 times with less than 200,000 miles on it. The first time within 80,000 miles!

  • Jonathan

    What engine? I know Navistar was having some durability issues..

  • localnet

    We had the new Detroit 13 liters in the Freightlines, they are continually down, mainly electrical and computer issues. The Cummins we have in our KWs are always having issues with the DEFs electrical and plumbing. Not counting the outright poor build quality of the T800s we currently drive. KW quality is really nothing to write home about. And the fuel economy is incredibly bad, around 4mpg with the KW DEF and Cummins. We have a 2010 T800 with no DEF system, it is getting very good mileage, up around 7 to 9 mpg, our best running truck too.

  • Richard Leigh Walker

    DT466 255HP
    I am wary of new trucks because I don’t think they will hold up!

  • Richard Leigh Walker

    We are running 26,000 GVW trucks and we get around 8 MPG. We have 1 driver that is getting 9 MPG

  • Diesel-Dave

    I have worked on heavy trucks for the last 18 years SCR is junk. I think we need to turn the page on this stuff and remove it. I look at ECM data and one truck used 500 liters of fuel around 125 gallons in 2 years cleaning the muffler, how are we saving the planet burning way more fuel. The EPA has gone too far and we will all
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