More than 50% of drivers report at least 5% pay drop due to hours of service rules, ATRI reports

| November 18, 2013

truck at dockMore than half of driver respondents in a recent study say that the July 1 hours of service rule change has decreased their pay by 5 percent or more. 

The American Transportation Research Institute released the findings of its Operational and Economic Impacts of the New Hours-of-Service study Nov. 18, and more than two-thirds of the 2,370 driver respondents — 67.4 percent — say they have seen a pay decrease. ATRI also said it analyzed logbook data of more than 40,000 drivers.


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Of the total respondents, 15.7 say their pay has gone down 1 to 5 percent, 19.4 say their pay has decreased by to 5 to 10 percent and 16.5 percent say they’ve seen a pay reduction of more than 15 percent since the new hours rule implementation. 

ATRI says its respondents report the lost pay is due to a myriad of factors caused by the hours rule, including changes in schedule to meet the restart provisions of the new rule, longer restart times, using a rolling schedule, losing loads to a lack of flexibility and losing productivity due to the 30-minute break mandate. 

Similar to the pay numbers, nearly two-thirds of drivers reported a decrease in miles, as 64 percent say they now run fewer miles due to the rule changes.


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Driver wages as a whole could see a $3.9 billion annual decrease, the study said, due to the new hours rules. 

The study also says that more than 80 percent of motor carriers surveyed have seen productivity losses since the July 1 effective date. More than half of the carrier respondents said they now need more drivers to haul the same amount of freight. 

Truck driver respondents in the study largely reported a decrease in quality of life, as 82.5 percent said the rules have had a negative impact there, while 66 percent say they are more fatigued under the new rules. 

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  • Gil Wortsmann

    Fighting the wrong fight. The industry is talking about productivity while the new rules were promulgated on the fatigue factor.
    You should point out the hundreds of thousands of award-winning multi million mile drivers who drive through the entire night and been doing it for over 30 years, thereby refuting the idea of the need for a 2-day break from 01.00hrs to 05.00hrs.

  • John Scott

    I think the EOBR are affecting HOS more then anything. People fighting the box for when to stop. Many probably choosing to stop early then risk going over driving time. Also playing with the 36 hour reset is also troubling. I just think micro managing truck driving is not recognizing the diversity of the job.

  • Gambler

    The new hours of service are the biggest joke I have seen in 40 years of trucking. The 30 minute break is the one that I hate the worst. I run a dedicated route and now I have to take two breaks on a couple of the legs on the trip in order to buy fuel where I buy it. Just shows that FMCSA doesn’t listen to any of the drivers that have participated in their sessions.

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    I lost a run that I had for four years. The new hours of service re-start rules including the two 1am to 5am time periods made it impossible to do a hours re-set. costing me $350 a week off of my gross revenue.

    48 weeks X $350.00 = $16,800.00 right off the top of my yearly gross revenue.

    I want to personally thank Anne Ferro for imposing the new rules without benefit of a study to back them up, violating the guidelines of her own regulatory agency about new rule-making.

  • guest

    Yep..alot of times we have to RACE THE CLOCK to get to the place we will shut down for 10….we have to be shut down before we run out of time or risk turning into a Pumpkin?????..alot of guys hauling ass to get to a parking space before they run out of TIME!!!!!!

  • Mike Smith

    The HOS is costing me also. I need to get to the receiver before they close and this HOS, along with the 1/2 hr break is interfering with business on a regular basis.

    HOS is just as much horse shit, as Obama care & perhaps more so, along with that anti-American pro Mexican crap called NAFTA.

    As I recall the USA use to point out how the USSR use to consume it’s citizens with Red Tape. The Red Tape has been and is accelerating in our country. This is draining us and ENRICHING BUREAUCRAT’S. They are clearly building their own power structures at our expense. It getting worse a and worse every year.

    More government control and manipulation of the minds of true Americans. God save us. Oh, god is being wiped out too. I wonder why?

    We are in deep shit in our own country, and something has to be done.

  • EF McHenry

    You got that right and you will never find the ATRI offering up research to show the negative impact of the EOBR/ELD or CSA or Sleep Screening or anything else that burdens, inconveniences, encumbers, or directly attacks the drivers!! They could care less! It’s all about what corporate trucking wants.

  • EF McHenry

    Right, but the problem is the republicans are right their with Obama and nobody is clever enough to see it! Right now republican Paul Ryan on the budget commitee is trying to replace sequester with cuts to social security and medicare. Programs that people have paid into for yrs, with benefits that cycle back to people in old age proportional to contribution, where SS&Medicare have their own funding and have nothing to do with the federal budget. Sequester is a across the board cut in the amount of spending on all thise federal govt rule makers!! From the DOT’s FMCSA, EPA, Dept of Ed, Dept of HmlandSecurity etc.. Another words all the Police State Control Freak Rule Makers! Sequester also cuts the growth in the Military Industrial Complex that has become nothing but a instrument of globalization and nation building and multi-billion dollars contracts to these military contractors! Another words everything that should be cut!! But republicans and corporate democrats like Mark Warner want to use payroll FICA tax dollars that fund SS&Medicare to fund Discretionary spending that is suppose to be funded by the federal income tax which has been insufficient for years. So cutting SS&Medicare is a way to make those programs surpluses so surplus FICA tax stays in the General Treasury and gets spent on Discretionary spending. To Sum Up they want to steal our retirement so they can use the extra money to harass us with these federal agencies and build up foreign nations that hate us! U think republican Paul Ryan is a piece if SHIT!! And so is Democrat Patty Murray; she is a so-called soccer mom but is nothing but a lousy corporate sell-out! Have A Good Day!!!!!! AND ABOVE ALL ELSE KEEP SEQUESTER!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T REPLACE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • EF McHenry

    And at the end of my reply comment I made a typo, I meant to say I Think republican Paul Ryan and democrat Patty Murray on this stupid budget committee are both pieces of SHIT!!!
    What is wrong with everyone. Are people that stupid????? Or is it that they like to be shackled!! WOW

  • guest

    Yep like the CSA cops and weigh station cops feel they are Superior God like beings and the dumb trucker is basically a Prisoner/Criminal to be abused,detained, inspected, searched…..when these D.O.T. cops in their Mini Kingdom(chicken coop) could Never run a business or be employed outside this B.S. Bureaucracy/Government employment sector that WE the Workingmen are financing!

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Driver input is nothing but lip service by the FMCSA to placate the drivers who are outraged by the rules changes, but not outraged enough to stand up and fight…those drivers will always rely on others to stand and make the fight for them, yet will bitch and moan anonymously on the internet as if they are the warrior trucker fighting to preserve our driving freedoms. When I was growing up I used to hear a term called voter apathy…I think we have trucker apathy.

  • Michael

    your 100 % rite I’m one of those driver and 35 years of this and as of rite now this hos rule is really bothering me let alone the fact that some bimbo is telling me when I can drive .. they need to leave the driving to us and let us deside when we can run . not dictate to us when we can run it’s total bullshit .

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