Drivers need more professional discretion: Voices on the hours changes

| November 18, 2013

hours night truck stop“As an owner-operator it has cost me a third of my income compared to the late 1980s.” Those words were spoken by Greg Robinson, acknowledging that other costs are part of the equation, but a not inconsiderable portion can be accounted for by the progressively mounting hours of service changes seen between then and now. In many ways, they’ve taken away operators’ ability, as he sees it, to choose exactly when and where rest was needed without fear of breaking a confusing rule or losing a boatload of time farther down the line. 

With the House subcommittee hearing we reported on last week upcoming  this Thursday, and following our last hours of service-related podcast, drivers have been calling in numbers to Overdrive‘s 530-40-VOICE hotline to weigh in on the economic impact of the changed rules. We rounded up several of the responses in the latest feature podcast. Listen in below.


And: This week and next, we want to hear from operators out West and those who run cross-country about how they’re complying with CARB’s powertrain requirements — or what they’re otherwise planning for the next several years relative to California’s emissions rules. Is California still on your map? Call 530-408-6423. Tell us your name and location and tell us your thoughts. 

Find our latest CARB coverage via this page. 

  • Voodoolou

    When I discovered that CARB wouldnot allow my truck to enter Calif. I had to decide what to do. Calif comprises 30%of my annual income and tolose it means it could put me out of business. My decision was to purchase a 2010 truck that would be complient and continue. The new truck will cost me for the next4 years, but what else could I do?

  • David S. McQueen

    Under the current Obama administration, it appears that regulations are promulgated simply for the sake of regulating, not for “safety”. The 30-minute break rule, for example, does nothing to promote safety; it’s just a feel-good rule so that the politics of the moment appear beneficial (aka political correctness).


    Driver 3 million miles 30 years owner . since new rules i have not been bale to take a 34 hour break. before rules i took 34 3 times a month out 30 days. i and i know others now are working 24/7/30 a month. the trucking corporations wanted this.if you come close to 70 hour rule. they simply don’t dispatch you til midnight hours gain,. or they lie to you and delay pick up or your out now 30 days you’ll run every single day with out a long period break..gotta love you stupid dumb drivers you let them do this to you.34 hour break anytime was one best hours service rules iv ever seen or complied with in 30 years of driving.. ohh dont forget the 30 minuet break tha simply increased your work day half hour in most cases,.

  • westernstar1135

    All the new hours of service has done is made me and several of my co – workers better liars. Well, more tired, better liars. Had a DOT man tell me there is no way to verify that we take the 30 minute break. And where are we suppose to park for these wonderful breaks? Seems the only place available are fuel islands, so be it.

  • g

    More Rules on the way..not less!! Total Monitoring…Dominated Completely…..Robotons delivering freight Obediantly…..for LOW Pay…or you will be replaced by a mexican…

  • Michael Bechara

    I say park the trucks for a week and strike . let them know we mean business get off our backs and let us work or do it your self that’s what we need to do.

  • Truckertwotimes

    I challenge all these rule makers and their colleges to publicly display their hair follicle drug test.

  • mousekiller

    It would not take a week If Ca was the only state every one did not go to for 3 days . Pick the time the crops are due to to be picked. Do not load at any chilling house during that time. No place for the crops to go they get plowed under and you can be sure the truck farmers will head straight for Sacramento to raise hell and get things changed..One crop plowed under is millions of dollars being plowed under.It will happen only once.This means the reefer trucks have clout and the power to force change. NOW to get them to stand up and be counted. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.