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More you can do if you do not support protest calls

| October 10, 2013

The truckers’ shutdown/strike/protest is moving forward and gaining lots of media attention. The Letstruck team has spent the last three days writing, calling and e-mailing every news organization we can find contact info for. I have written a list of reasons why I do not support this group, and we have sent dozens of hard copies of it overnight, have e-mailed it hundreds of times and we have left phone messages everywhere. Last night, we had this discussion on the issue, and I have made myself available to all other shows on the Road Dog Channel to come on and give the other side of the issue. So far I have only been contacted by one show. I did an interview with Julie Mason on the POTUS channel 124. We are continuing our efforts to get our positions heard and we would appreciate any help anyone can give in this effort.

I’m not holding my breath and waiting for the news media to call. We all need to step up our efforts to be heard. I have created several ways to continue open discussions about this issue. The leaders behind this movement have chosen to delete comments not agreeing with their position. I’m more interested in hearing from anyone who wants to voice an opinion about what is happening, for it or against it. I’m not deleting any comments or posts, I just ask that you try to stick to the issues and not make personal attacks or threats.

Here is a link to the Facebook page for open discussion

If you agree that this current protest does not represent you as a driver or small business owner operator, here is what we can do as a group: 

1) Stay active online. Like/comment/share/retweet all posts, discussions and articles that you agree with and that intelligently portrays why this event is not in the best interest of the trucking industry, or the American citizens. Encourage everyone you know to do the same.

2) Stay active in the media. We are blessed with a channel all our own. Call all shows on the Road Dog channel SiriusXM 128 and express your opinion. Encourage everyone you know to do the same.

3) Help me document the media coverage of this event. We all know that there are going to be cameras and microphones placed in front of drivers who aren’t prepared to articulate the real issues. There are also going to be cameras and microphones placed in front of drivers who will be expressing anger and emotion rather than common sense and logic. I want to document and save as much of this coverage as possible. When it’s all over I would like to put it all together so that maybe we can all learn something so we don’t continue to make the same mistakes that plague this industry and our image over and over again. 
Please, stick to the facts or your opinion of the issues and do not make any personal attacks. There will be plenty of that going around and the media will be all over it. We need to rise above that mentality.
  • cartoonkirk

    National Review has released what they say is the Republican debt limit bill. What is listed is nothing less than an attempt to undo the entire middle class of the United States. Here is what they list as the terms of the bill:

    1. Increasing the debt limit until December 2014, rather than for a dollar amount

    By moving the debt limit to a date after the elections, the Republicans hope to prevent the debt limit debacle from being used as an election year issue.

    2. Delay Obamacare for one year

    As with the debt limit change, by moving the implementation of the Affordable Care Act until after the election, then the Republicans can claim it as theirs for the election.

    3. Fast track the Ryan Budget tax reforms

    Paul Ryan’s tax plan has already been found to cost more than it saved, which would cause the deficit to balloon. This would in turn be blamed on President Obama in the election, undoing his years ofdeficit reduction.

    4. Eliminate the governments ability to regulate energy production, including blocking regulations on coal ash and carbon emissions

    Direct attacks against the EPA and Department of Energy. By eliminating their ability to regulate, the Republicans aim to allow companies to continue poisoning our skies, lands, and waters, such as through unfettered fracking. They will sell this as to create jobs, as the damage would not be obvious until after the election.

    4a. Implement the REINS Act

    Part of how to accomplish this would be to implement Paul Ryan’s proposal to overturn the ability of the government to regulate virtually everything. Developed by the Heritage Foundations, the REINS act would require congressional approval on every single regulation proposal. Seat belts in cars? Water that does not have laundry detergent in it? The knowledge of what is inside of our food? All gone in one move.

    5. Sets down provisions for the Keystone XL Pipeline, offshore drilling, selling off federal lands for energy exploitation

    John Boehner must be thrilled here, as he would personally gain a small fortune. These are, again, election-year mantras they want to use to sell to their otherwise demoralized base.

    6. Reform consent decree used by our nations police and military forces

    Get rid of those pesky rights. This move would make programs such as stop and frisk national policy. Forget about Miranda, about your lawyer or due process. Once a policeman selects you, they can beat your entire family up, strip search you on the roadside, anything their little hearts desire.

    7. Eliminate the ability to regulate the internet, and kill Net Neutrality

    If Comcast wants to block your ability to read Addicting Info, under this deal, they can. The GOP aims to eliminate the ability to get facts, information, or to organize by allowing their corporate backers to simply eliminate your ability to surf the net freely.

    8. New sequester provisions

    The sequester wasn’t good enough for the Republicans, they want to double the damage, slashing every program (except military) and then blame Obama when the economy tanks.

    9. Eliminate the Federal Employee retirement pensions

    Dedicating your life to the civil service, unless you are elected, will no longer be enough. They seek to steal the pensions of hard-working civil servants, handing them over to the megabanks.

    10. Eliminate Dodd Frank

    By eliminating the funding to the agencies set up by Dodd Frank, the GOP seeks to allow the big banks to become the unregulated cash machines, hoping it will crash our economy again, just in time for the election.

    10a. Move the funding for the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to a line item in the budget appropriations

    Created by Dodd Frank, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has long been a target of the GOP, and as such is targeted for special treatment as part of their elimination of Dodd Frank. Rather than just defund this as part of the general Dodd Frank defunding, the Republicans seek to move it to a line item in the budget for easy removal, modification, or restricting the bureau entirely, allowing companies to once more exploit consumers in this country without worry.

    11. Overturn Medicaid tax deductions

    By restructuring the tax code, this measure this would force Medicaid providers to pay more in taxes. The goal here is to eliminate providers for the poor, and would in turn dump millions of the poorest Americans off of Medicaid rolls.

    12. Restructure the Child Tax Credit

    In the guise of fraud prevention, the proposal would slash tax credits for most families while giving new deductions for the wealthiest 1%. By moving the tax credit to the line item deduction, most people would no longer be able to claim the credit. Only the wealthiest would be able to claim it.

    13. Eliminate Social Services Block grants

    Who needs social services in Republicanland? Get rid of all block grants to the states dealing with social services. This would, of course, eliminate much of the support for anti-poverty programs across the US, and would force a cycle of dependency on social welfare programs.

    14. Transition Medicare to a means tested program

    Sorry seniors, no Medicare for you unless you make under $25,000 a year. By transitioning it to a means based, rather than a universal system, it would introduce inefficiencies in the program. It would also make it a program which they could then exploit as a wedge issue. They could then force people off of it, until they can finally eliminate it entirely.

    15. Eliminate people’s ability to sue for damages against corporations, under the guise of “tort reform”

    The GOP has pushed this for years. No surprise to witness it here. The goal here is simple, to eliminate corporate accountability in the courtroom. Your product kills millions? No worries at all with this bill in place.

    16. Drastically reduce or eliminate Disproportionate Share Hospitals

    This would eliminate programs aimed at helping hospitals which serve low-income neighborhoods. Without these programs, many of them would close, which would leave many neighborhoods without any medical treatment options at all.

    17. Eliminate the Public Health trust Fund

    The last provision of Obamacare which had not yet been eliminated or drastically restructured. With this, they would have completely eliminated Obamacare, causing our national debt to balloon out of control while making the poor pay for it. This plan is not a debt deal, it is an attempt to destroy America. it is not an honest brokered deal, it is a poison pill. Call your congressman today and tell them to get serious about the debt ceiling, and to stop playing politics with our lives. And call the White House and tell him to refuse to let Congress take this country hostage. We will remember this in November.

    US Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

    White House Comments: (202) 456-1111

  • Nomadi Soulsta

    Whomever comment on each of these is obviously a progressive Obama-bot…that being said I don’t necessarily agree with the 17 items listed and think 95% of ALL legislators need to be booted from office , but to believe that Obama and his band of thieves and liars have done anything of good is just plain ignorant, even the 3 blind mice could see that!

  • Ralph E Hubbard Jr.

    Kevin Rutherford what a Joke he showed his true colors to all of us let him lead you buy the nose and I’ll just laugh.. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.