Mustang tears out of high-fenced complex, hits truck — Could trucker have prevented it?

| November 21, 2013

While truck driver John Doe was running the speed limit down a two-lane highway, a crazed Mustang driver shot out of a high-fenced apartment complex into Doe’s front bumper. Could he have prevented this accident?

After a hearty lunch of chili, truck driver John Doe was driving the speed limit of 35 mph down a two-lane Texas road on a sunny afternoon, listening in on some entertaining Channel 19 chatter. 

Suddenly a gray-primed Mustang — piloted by a teenager — jetted out of a high-fenced apartment complex just yard in front of the tractor. 


Big rig hits snow bank avoiding dump truck — Could trucker have prevented it?

Truck driver John Doe swerved to the right and into a snow bank to avoid a dump truck who had dipped into his lane and ...

Doe slammed his brakes as soon as he saw the sports car and tried to veer to avoid the accident, but to no avail — the Mustang’s left front fender was a dented-up mess, but its driver was not hurt. 

Much to his chagrin, Doe’s carrier sent him a preventable accident warning letter, which he promptly contested. The National Safety Council’s Accident Review Committee made the final judgement, ruling in Doe’s favor, saying there was no way for him to have anticipated the Mustang driver’s wild move, nor could he have avoided the accident with such short warning. 

This was an adaptation of Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s “Preventable or not?” series, which appears regularly on

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  • roadranger123

    I’m really tired of people trying to put the blame on the trucker, especially a magazine like yours. Really?!!! there is no way that trucker should have ever been considered to be at fault. If the carrier has a problem with it, let them go out and try it for themselves in an 80,000 lb. rig and see who has the quickest reaction time. The truck driver or the idiot behind the wheel of a car he no idea how to handle!!!

  • Joshua Bois

    i agree i drive trucks and it takes the lenth of three football fields to stop thats 300 yards so if you cut me off explain to me how i can stop on a dime cause i would love to hear it

  • Luc Bouchard

    Well it sound to be “all incident are preventable” so they collect the one’s who got the money, because truckers work hard for $$ !

  • disqus_PA9pnuUAmw

    That should be a no brainer truck had right of way

  • pro-driver LL 909

    doesnt take 3 football fields at 35mph. maybe he was distracted by all the useless chatter on ch 19., maybe wasnt scanning the road ahead of him, maybe ….. he’s suppossed to be a proffessional.

  • Ed from BC

    A fully loaded semi at approx 55 mph, if in compliance, ought to be able to stop in the length of one football field. MT probably about the same considering a panic stop would put the unit into a skid. The model indicates a high fence blocking the view of the approaching auto. The clues do not indicate if the unit was carrying cargo or even if it was pulling a trailer. Maybe it was a straight truck or bob-tailing. We need more info.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Certainly not the trucker’s fault…the bigger issue is the lack of driver training, not for the trucker, but for the four wheelers. For many reasons, there is no longer the level of driver training that I went through in when I was 16. I went to a driver’s ed class, passed a written exam and had a pretty tough road test. Now, all you have to do is pass the written and road test and you get your license (at least here in Florida).
    When my daughter was about ready to drive, I sent her to a driving school first so that she can learn the basics. I then sent her to a driver’s school the sheriff’s department has that teach young drivers how to control their vehicle in various emergency situations. It is a hands on class and she came out of that class a far better prepared driver.
    How many people do this? Not many, I realize. I spent my life on the road and I see what happens when drivers do stupid things. Unfortunately, many don;t realize what they are doing is stupid because they have never been taught that it is stupid. Many kids today think the game Grand Theft Auto is real life and drive accordingly.

  • Steve Paris

    In this particular situation, the blame can be shared by the folks who allowed that fence to go up the way it looks.
    If the mustang driver had a clear view, he might not have attempted to go when the semi was right there. I said “might”, I’ve witnessed weird out there.
    If the fence prevented the drivers from seeing each other even at that close of distance then the fence is a safety issue.

  • pro-driver LL 909

    Truck drivers are more than half-asleep 99% of the time.

  • better than you driver

    the idiot behind the car could be your son or daughter. dont think you’re better than everybody just because you have a class a lic. you’re not that smart !!!!

  • dizzy

    who the fuck are you saying we a re asleep 99% of the time!! you obviously don’t have a clue! your probably some pencil pushing desk jockey or one of these new breed of steering wheel holders who is told when you can use the toilet when to sleep when to eat and can’t think for yourself!!

  • dizzy

    your exactly correct it could be my child but being a trucker for 15 yrs now and i come from a long line of truckers…i can honestly say that if this was my child involved in this particular accident. he or she would pay for the truck to be repaired then my child would be grounded from driving because of the idiotic decission they made hear!! its called failure to yeild right of way!! once again teenagers are ALL very inexperienced drivers!! not saying truckers are any better in some cases !!!

  • Jim Kennedy

    where did John Doe find the money to hire Ooida or some other such firm to try and defend him from his own carrier’s charges n allegations.

  • Cecil Lee Russell

    And maybe the mustang was going so fast that the driver couldn’t react. Even empty bobtail, that’s 9 and a half tons of moving object that does not respond well to sudden changes. I’m a third generation driver and I’ve been out here over 31 years. In the second and a half it takes to check your left mirror and return your gaze to the front, a small high performance sports car coming out from your right is almost impossible to see and react to.

  • Cecil Lee Russell

    If the idiot behind the wheel of the car is your son or daughter, you should have taught them to drive better. The kid didn’t get hurt and that is attributed SOLELY to the professionalism of the driver. The car and the truck can be fixed. Quit sniveling about insignificant issues like damage to vehicles. NO-ONE got hurt BECAUSE the driver is clearly A PROFESSIONAL.

  • Cecil Lee Russell

    It is a shame you don’t post a photo. I’ve always wanted to know what an idiot looks like.

  • Cecil Lee Russell


  • chevez

    i hate trucks pluse my uncle drives one a huge one strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.