N.Y. indicts 11 DMV employees for CDL testing fraud

| November 15, 2013

Eleven employees of New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles have received indictments for participation in a fraudulent CDL testing scheme.  

Brooklyn’s U.S. District Court issued indictments Oct. 24 for 11 DMV security workers at five NYC-area centers. Applicants allegedly paid $1,800 to $2,500 for test answers and escort assistance through the DMV process.


Drivers being scammed by fake ‘recruiters,’ FMCSA says

A fraudulent scheme said to scam drivers out of $350 and a wild goose chase is being perpetrated on drivers and CDL training schools.

The employees provided answers by furnishing applicants with pencils containing encoded information or by telling them the answer over Bluetooth headsets. They also acted as CDL test takers to help paying applicants during the test.

The indicted personnel were Marie Daniel, Joachim L. Pierre, Luc Desmangles, Tanael Daniel, Jose Payano, Dale Harper, Akmal Narzikulov, LaToya Bourne, Beayaeh Kamara, Firdavs Mamadaliev, and Inocente Rene’ Gonzalez. 

  • Tom T

    Who would have thought. Brooklyn? No. This must be where
    all the illegal immigrants who run out of N.J. piers get their
    CDL license. Now if only they could identify those switching
    Sealink, and TWIC`s cards to get in and out of piers, rates for legally licensed citizens might come up. Now that would be new. Of course as they say in trucking, ‘there`s a way around
    anything’. You could open a CDL school in jersey City for
    linguistically disadvantaged drivers and with a few of the right connections well, the possibilities are endless. Oh wait, I think that`s already been done. That must be where they come from.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Polish (Akmal Narzikulov), Haitians(Joachim L. Pierre), and Mexicans (Rene’ Gonzalez) go figure! New York is overrun with these foreigners who think they own the place and are better than the citizens born here. I have no problem with this being the land of opportunity but play by the rules.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Tom I am very disappointed in New York I would have thought better not this type of corruption!

  • guest

    these scumbags are not a representation of all immigrants in the U.S. You are WRONG to say that americans behaving this way in foreign countries would be kidnapped (wtf). American’s money would do all the talking in foreign countries. Anyone can be corrupt anywhere, it just takes someone being corrupt.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Sorry if I have offended you but let us stick with the facts. First, if an immigrants in particular one of these applied for a job at the DMV and was told no because we do not understand your ENGLISH they would immediately file a discrimination lawsuit. I posed the same question all the time what have the Haitians, Cubans, Russians, Mexicans, etc. done for civil rights laws in America? Second, you have obviously not been to Bklyn lately so I will focus on Laredo, TX which is still in USA (I guess) the Mexican cartel kidnapped this business owner for ransom then killed him later. Third, you have never traveled abroad go to the state department website and read their warnings then tell me you are going to walking thru the airport in Haiti/Dom Republic wearing a red, white, and blue t-shirt and a rolex. Again obviously you have never been outside the USA your statement “money talking” is absolutely wrong dude you better blend in where ever you go in a foreign country. But in the USA these people act like they are entitled to everything including a New York CDL.

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  • guest

    Nothing New….arrests are make in many Othere States too
    of DMV workers…..supplying people with CDL Licenses and Haz Mat Endorsements….internet is Filled with these arrests..Illinois is Famous for issueing Bogus Licenses….fraud is Rampant….this ignorant “CDL” they made us get in 1990…..is basically a JOKE.

  • guest

    in LasVegas the DMV workers hand out Licenses to illegal aliens like candy….workers in those DMV offices are arrested so often…..one lady provided 187 illegal aliens with driver licenses..arrested May of 2011…..let OUT of jail…didnt even have to Post Bail!!!!!!! What a pathetic JOKE……anybody can get a CDL…..by bribing one of these workers…….all over the Ustados Unitos!!!!!(united states in espanyol)……so these illegals at the Truckstops DO have a CDL…..and a REAL ONE……..but all the INFO is FAKE and it is actually in the COPS data base…..so the COPS let them drive anywhere and do anything??????? What a Great Industry!!

  • JJMclure

    Close the border and deport….otherwise this is what you get

  • guest

    Cops cheerfully wave illegal alien “truckers” thru every weigh station in Calif all day every day….the BRACERO just says
    No Tango Licensia……at mi Casa……ahahahaaha..
    and the cop could care less….really no reason for the illegal mexican to Bribe our DMV workers……our truckstops are FILLED to capacity with Spanish Speaking illegal “truckers” in calif…….providing CHEAP LABOR for shippers. The mexican will show the COP any document from Mexico…FAKE certificates of all kinds..and the COP has no jurisdiction to Check Citizenship……so themexican is always free to go……….Anarchy In Truckin.

  • Tom T

    Lets all put the blame where it really belongs. Follow the vote and then the money, the pension, health care benefits, the power that comes with
    political office and you can find your answer. This administration, as the one before it, only worse, ordered the Homeland Security, hence ICE to arrest and release. Then they turned around and said,’no do not bother with arrest. Just the really bad felons’. And who has been fighting, in fact all the way up to the Supreme Court, every state that has tried to control illegal immigration.Who even allowed guns to get passed to Mexico and refuses to secure the border, which in fact is as porous today as it ever has been and to add insult to injury we now know this particular administration has even gone so far as to hire illegal immigrants to run their failed health plan. Throw in corporate demand for cheap labor
    and the open border lobby and in my view at this point there is no undoing
    the damage that has been done. Ask
    yourself, who has been pushing for
    cross border trucking, and who would benefit the most from it? We
    are getting screwed from the top down and all in between and you what? it is only going to get worse.
    Citizenship today means you are a
    second class citizen after of course
    every one who has learned to beat the system. I`ll never understand the apathy of our people. Illegal immigrants enter a country illegally,
    and then demand we change our laws to accommodate them. What arrogance, what audacity.

  • William McKelvie

    I’m already growing a beard, all I need is a turban and a tan :)

  • Mark

    Del Ray, your ignorance is pretty amazing, I have to admit. Akmal Narzikulov is as far from being Polish as you are from being a rocket scientist. The name is most likely of a person hailing from some Asian nation of former USSR, definitely not any Eastern European. And Joachim is not really a common first name of a Haitian, it is German. And Pierre, yes, that might be Haitian (French origin) but it might be Canadian (ever heard of Quebec?) or from many African nations colonized by French. So, before blaming your misfortunes on people you have no idea about go educate yourself a bit first. It’s cheap nowadays, all it takes is a decent internet connection.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    You are fool I am not going to debate with you the origin of these criminals everyone knows the French controlled Haiti, and Narzikulov could be Russian or Polish, and your comments (in) conveniently left out the Mexican surname. The only misfortune person is a want-a-be smart fools like you I certainly doubt that these group of people and their friends who apparently cannot write ENGLISH are a threat to any honest CDL holder . . .

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