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Max Heine

Natural gas + trucking = 6 stock tips

| May 04, 2012

We don’t know if Forbes magazine is literally correct in predicting that “natural gas is looking like a sure bet to replace diesel as the fuel of choice for the nation’s high-mileage truck fleet.”

Still, it’s interesting to see investors and mainstream business media take note of how the boom in natural gas production is affecting the truck market. Gas-powered trucks are indeed coming on strong.

Check out the six companies Forbes thinks will profit from this trend. You’ll see some familiar names.

  • Jason Burden

    Thank you for this. It is amazing to me that natural gas has not been utilized properly in replacing traditional fossil fuels (where applicable). It is extremely inexpensive & there is plenty of it to be self-sustaining throughout N. Amercia. It would ease pressures off of our depedence on Middle East oil. I do not understnad why this resource is not being utilized properly– big oil lobby to name one thing!

  • Kristen Weiss

    We’ll discuss the future and opportunities for natural gas trucks in depth with industry leaders at the 2012 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo May 15-17 in California. ACT Expo is North America’s largest conference dedicated to alternative fuels. http://www.actexpo.com

  • Jesse Brewer

    We should switch everything over to Natural Gas, but Big Oil has the Government in their back pocket….we will probably sell it all to the Chinese.