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Max Heine

Natural gas + trucking = 6 stock tips

| May 04, 2012

We don’t know if Forbes magazine is literally correct in predicting that “natural gas is looking like a sure bet to replace diesel as the fuel of choice for the nation’s high-mileage truck fleet.”

Still, it’s interesting to see investors and mainstream business media take note of how the boom in natural gas production is affecting the truck market. Gas-powered trucks are indeed coming on strong.

Check out the six companies Forbes thinks will profit from this trend. You’ll see some familiar names.

  • Jason Burden

    Thank you for this. It is amazing to me that natural gas has not been utilized properly in replacing traditional fossil fuels (where applicable). It is extremely inexpensive & there is plenty of it to be self-sustaining throughout N. Amercia. It would ease pressures off of our depedence on Middle East oil. I do not understnad why this resource is not being utilized properly– big oil lobby to name one thing!

  • Kristen Weiss

    We’ll discuss the future and opportunities for natural gas trucks in depth with industry leaders at the 2012 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo May 15-17 in California. ACT Expo is North America’s largest conference dedicated to alternative fuels. http://www.actexpo.com

  • Jesse Brewer

    We should switch everything over to Natural Gas, but Big Oil has the Government in their back pocket….we will probably sell it all to the Chinese.

  • William Frye

    Its not really “BIG OIL” as big oil actually owns many natural gas companies . I work in the gas and oil industry as a water tanker driver for frac sites in north east PA. The problem is recovering enough of the natural gas consistently thats available. That problem rests solely on the shoulders of the liberal , tree hugging , politicaly correct crowd that oppose hydraulic fracking. I work in the industry so some will say Im biased and I probably am , because it makes good sense economicly and enviromentally. Vote republican if you want to see natural gas become a popular source of energy

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