Navistar confirms ‘workforce reductions’

| August 30, 2013

ProStar square

Navistar is cutting jobs, but declines further comment until an event next week, said spokesperson Elissa Maurer.

The Chicago Tribune reported on Aug. 9 that the company was planning “a few hundred layoffs.” Another 140 contract jobs are reported to be terminated as well. The Chicago-area Daily Herald published a similar story.


“We have been in the process of workforce reductions and more details will be covered on our third quarter analyst call on Wednesday morning,” wrote Maurer.

  • Dave

    What about Mexican workforce reductions?

  • John Scott

    NAVSTAR has some serious issues and has for some time. Some of it their own doing and some of it you can thank good old EPA regulations. Here is my take on trucks. One is that after the 2003 EPA phase in of EGR emission regulations. Truck reliability and longevity have been reduced. After 500,000 miles all bets are off on how long before major costs eat into a EPA emission truck. Its a dirty little secret in the industry that nobody wants to admit too. But small owner operators are simply failing because of these costs. The fleets have long known this and have planed accordingly by replacing trucks before that 500,000 mark. NAVISTAR has simply lost out to fleets because of their own truck engines having issues. They should have left the truck engines to the engine makers.

  • Guest

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    How do you compete with THAT? They buy an old junker and show up at the Customer ready to haul for Peanuts.
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    You would have to be INSANE to go into DEBT…gambling that you would be able tomake monthly Payments. ALL the OLD guys who DID buy trucks are Quitting!!! They hadMONEY from 30 years of working….the new guy aint got nothing and will remain in POVERTY..Good luck selling a TRUCK.!!!! lol…and go to hell.

  • Guest

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  • Guest

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  • Guest

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  • Guest

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  • Guest

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  • Guest

    …so many articles on here of mexicans caught hauling DOPE in there trailers…..hilarious stuff.. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.