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Todd Dills

New book explores first cross-continent truck trip

| September 19, 2011

“Am I supposed to be selling lumber now, too?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Davis, I don’t think I…”

“Son, this thing don’t make any sense. I told your father that. Sorry he wasted your time by making you come here. Now, do you boys need any gas?”

  • Marc Mayfield

    Ha! Don’t need no truck: “We got a train that comes through town.” Oh, the irony.

  • Todd Dills

    Yep, that one’s a gem, I do say.

  • Pete N

    As a trucker, I find this whole book to be insulting. Corbett has no clue about trucks and is just making money off of our history.
    Corbett is a two time DUI and it’s tools like him that make the roads dangerous.
    My friend had seen the book and was going to buy it until I schooled him on the author. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.