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Truckers News Staff | November 01, 2010

Trailer brush washer

The Vader I 5000 trailer washing system is a self-contained unit that reclaims 99 percent of water used in cleaning operations. The I 5000 uses a shielded brush action to remove road film, soot and chemical deposits. The Vader can wash up to 20 trailers on a single tank of water. System takes six to eight minutes per trailer.


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Anti-slip glowing covers

Two new colors, Glo Safety yellow and Glo Safety lime, have been added to the Hi-Traction Glo Series line of covers for steps, walkways and ladder rungs. The covers offer higher visibility for hard-to-see objects in both light and dark. The covers use photoluminescent pigments that glow in the dark, and the colors use sunlight to recharge. Once fully charged, the pigments’ glow can last 12 hours.

Safeguard Technology

(330) 995-5200

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Long-haul steer tire

The GSL213 long-haul steer tire has wide and deep tread and abrasion-resistant tread compound to improve tread life and defense and braking force ribs for preventing irregular wear, the company says. The tire is available in sizes 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5, 11R24.5 and 285/75R24.5.

GT Radial

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LED rocker switch

The LED Rocker Switch is a low-current input membrane switch that is compatible with micro-processor-based electrical and electronic systems. It has wrap-around green and yellow colored lenses that act as part of the switch’s actuator and increase visibility. The switch meets the IP66 dust and high-pressure water standards. The switch installs by snapping into standard panel holes.

Cole Hersee

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