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Truckers News Staff | August 01, 2011

Keep Coils in Their Place

Coil Saver is a securement device that allows the driver to chain the coil on the outside along with the typical way of chaining through the eye. It is designed to prevent potential energy from transferring into kinetic energy during emergency-stop situations. It is not the number of chains but the placement of chains that makes the difference, according to the company.

Coils that fall off of trailers can result in property damage, injuries and death. The company says Coil Saver has a 50 percent more retention strength versus the conventional binding methods.


Safe and Dry from Thieves and Thunderstorms

The Hi-Side Truck Box has a gutter design and a full-weather seal to keep contents dry and includes a Drill-Resistant Lock Core to further prevent theft. Hi-Sides come in three sizes and can fit most configurations with quick installation and adjustable leg mounts. Accessories include an adjustable shelf and a parts cabinet.


Tire Runout Gauge

The Tire Runout Gauge measures radial and lateral tire runout conditions to help eliminate irregular tire wear and ride vibration to lengthen tire life. The gauge is designed to pinpoint problems related to the tire and rim or other problem areas that may cause runout, to provide an early indication of wheels or tires that need to be reworked or discarded. The device uses a roller wheel placed against the tire tread combined with a gauge bar, individual low- and high-spot sliders and a magnified measurement readout that shows the amount of runout present.


Emergency Spill Kit

The Oil Eater Transportation Spill Kit is an emergency cleanup system for hazardous chemical spills. The system includes tools needed to handle the first response to a hazardous spill situation: gloves, instructions, universal pads, snakes, high-temperature disposal bags, and a quart of Oil Eater Original Cleaner/Degreaser formulated to clean surfaces after absorption of a spill. The kit is available in four different sizes: two Industrial Duty kits for absorbing 95- and 65-gallon spills, a Commercial Duty kit for absorbing 20-gallon spills and a Transportation Duty kit for absorbing 5.6-gallon spills.


Halogen Bulb Series

The Night-Tech halogen bulb series combines a high proportion of inert gases with a filament material designed to deliver 90 percent more light than a conventional halogen light bulb and a 50 percent longer lifespan. The bulbs come in H1, H3, H4, H7 and H11 formats. Each 12V bulb is 55 watts and the H4 Night-Tech is 12V and 60/55 watts.


Timed to Save Precious Voltage

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