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New technology: Hydrogen-injection for fuel mileage boost

| September 14, 2011

A Q&A in the Richmond (Virginia) BizSense magazine published Monday revealed an interesting new technology coming into the trucking world. Related to the hydrogen fuel-cell idea, the technology has been created by Marz Industries of Ashland, Va., BizSense reporter Michael Schwartz wrote.

Marz Industries president Eddie Miller has been working on it for several years now, the concept being to “take water from a tank and electricity from the truck and create hydrogen,” Miller told Schwartz. “Then we’ll introduce that hydrogen back into the intake of the truck to improve the combustion.” Essentially, the design makes an end run around the lack of hydrogen-fueling infrastructure on the road today, utilizing readily available, well, H2O.

Marz is on the verge of testing the “Marz Ranger Fuel Efficiency System,” as it’s dubbed, in trucks now on the road, Miller told Schwartz. The company is hoping to confirm a fuel-efficiency improvement in the neighborhood of 10 percent, something fleets and owner-operators could well use given new fuel-efficiency standards coming down the pike, not to mention soaring diesel prices.

Read the full Schwartz/Miller Q&A.

Visit Marz’ website. If you’re interested in participating in real-world tests of the new system, check out this page.

  • wise2u

    Hate to rain on your parade Eddie, but Highline Technical Inovations have been out selling their test proven Wildcat Booster units to truckers for over a year now. There units have a CPU included that regulates the amount of hydrogen, thus giving maximum performance. And yes, they work very well. Ask the officials in Greensburg, Kansas.

  • Todd Dills

    Gary, thanks for the tip here. I’ll look up Highline. Are you perhaps with the company?

  • wise2u

    Not with the company Todd, just a very optomistic HLNT investor.

  • Todd Dills

    One with a truck, perhaps?

  • wise2u

    Not anymore, retired now. But the “Wildcat” has many apps. See
    Thanks for replying

  • Scott Green

    The Marz Ranger is quite different from other hydrogen-generating systems. It uses an advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) developed for hydrogen-fuel cells, which enables generation of pure hydrogen (not mixed gas), with no liquid electrolytes or steel plates.

    The Ranger system is completely engine-safe, and will be durable — Marz will offer a full 2 year warranty when it makes the system commercially available late this year.

  • Todd Dills

    Thanks for the note, Scott. Definitely interested in hearing how the testing goes. Keep up updated:

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