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New ‘Trucker’ app for iPhone

| March 26, 2009

Allen Smith, webmaster of the site/blog and author of the e-book of the same name, has introduced the Trucker app for the iPhone, now available in a “>Lite” version via and the Apple online store. The app combines social and business functions, including a Twitter button, mileage and routing applications, a special trucking Youtube channel and more. Widely anticipated March 10 among the on-highway iPhone set, the app arrived last week, and real-time user feedback is already a functional dynamic of the potentially ever-changing application, according to the video posted below. In it, Smith walks us through some of the features. Enjoy, and if anyone out there is using the app at present, send this blogger an email, why don’t you:

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  • Truckdrivernews

    I for one do not have a iPhone yet. But, I think this is a great idea, to be able to get the word /br /Just adds to the array of different tools we as truck drivers have to use in our everyday operation. Keeps us /br /Thanks Allan and Donna for making this available..

  • Anonymous

    This application is the best truck drivers application available. For research and daily needs the trucker has a vast drivers resource page where you can find information on everything a truck driver might need for his job or life on the road. This includes mapping, truckstop directions, weather, hotels, truck wash locator, etc. The trucker application also updates daily their home page tabs on NEWS and TWITTER. Together these two tabs update daily to inform on everything going on in the trucking world, that may be relevant to the lives of truck /br /The other tab on the trucker home page, EVENTS, updates on important organizational shows. And the tab I use the most, is called the MEDIA tab. It has a growing collection of driver songs and videos, but the shows I download the most are the original programming that the creator, Allen Smith does on Blog Talk Radio. Allen’s BTR shows always has great guests on topics of interest to all drivers. I use Allen’s MEDIA tab to access his BTR shows quickly and easily, it is almost like having a pod cast radio show right at your /br /The trucker Iphone is truly an amazing start for this enterprising entrepreneur , and Allen Smith has promised even more innovations for his application users in the future.

  • Bullfrog

    I think that this app creates a way for us to keep in touch with the issues facing trucking as a group as well as providing a source of needed info for the driver at the touch of a button. Like the videos as well.


    New trucker app for iphone.. Very nice :) strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.