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Speed limiters not ‘worth the hassle’: More voices on potential mandate

| August 29, 2014

Va.-based operator Joey Slaughter dug a little further into the background of what few studies exist that attempt to show whether or not speed limiter use has any effect on crash rates. The digging followed his input on the speed-limiter issue in Overdrive‘s last round-up of reader views on the subject of what is increasingly looking like an eventual mandate that could also include retrofitting older trucks, not just new trucks.

It’s no secret the American Trucking Associations is in favor of mandating the devices across the industry. While Slaughter’s piece on the Team Run Smart site is worth reading in total, here’s what he found from ATA’s own affiliated research organization, ATRI, and the Transportation Research Board with their looks at speed limiters: 

The studies were very thorough and concluded that there is reduction in speed-relevant crashes with trucks using speed limiters. However, I also learned some other interesting facts that ATA is not citing. [See full study at this link.] 
**Companies that DID NOT have speed limiters had an overall crash rate of 9.1 [per 100 trucks per year]
**Companies that DID have speed limiters had an overall crash rate of 11.2 [per 100 trucks per year]
**Speeding trucks are not a problem in the United States [emphasis Slaughter’s throughout]

Read more via this link, but suffice it to say that Slaughter’s takeaway from the studies is to more or less rule out the safety angle to explain ATA’s support of a speed-limiter mandate: “trade groups attempting to level the playing field,” as he wrote, and others have certainly echoed. (ATRI itself explained the difference in crash rates as not statistically significant.)


Ontario court to hear challenge to speed limiter law

The Court of Appeal for Ontario has agreed to hear a challenge to province’s speed limiters law. The next step will be for the province’s ...

A couple more voices came in over at the Overdrive’s Trucking Pro LinkedIn group following news that Ontario would hear an appeal of a challenge to that Canadian province’s own speed limiter mandate, and a lively discussion remains ongoing under this linked Voices round-up on the issue from two weeks back.  

Via LinkedIn
Michael Goodman: “This fiasco in Ontario has been a huge failure from the start. It was poorly thought out and has been a burden for both Canadian carriers as well as U.S. carriers who cross the northern border. I have a friend who used to cross the border. He had to reprogram his ECM every time he crossed the border. For he and many others it came to the point of simply not being worth it anymore. We used to service Canada. It isn’t worth the hassle. Some of the major ATA members have been pushing for speed limiters in the U.S. for several years. It hasn’t worked well in Canada and won’t do well in the U.S. … Forcing speed limiters will make roads less safe and be another unnecessary cost to the millions of truck owners in the United States. I hope the speed limiter law in Canada is thrown out.”


Readers say no to speed governing, less equivocal on a national speed limit

Haven't we been here before? With some industry organizations calling for a national 65-mph speed limit and governing of Class 7 and 8 trucks to ...

Jim Stewart: “One of the most incredibly stupid ideas that government has mandated north of the border. Truckers here in the states had better wake up soon and band together to stop this dead before our lawmakers get a chance to agree on anything this foolish.”

Given FMCSA/NHTSA’s already got a speed-limiter rule on their timetable, however, that means they think those lawmakers aren’t necessary at this point for them to go forward. They could be persuaded via legislation from those lawmakers to halt work on it, all the same. Got a phone handy? 

  • Mind Games

    Dude if you don’t take your head out your rectum I will do it for you!
    The mega companies have bought your elected officials by dazzling them with BS and fake ass brilliance. Fake phony numbers and bribery have bought the government.
    Obama does not make the rules! It’s your congress and Senators that you voted in that took most of the bribes and they are the people to focus on not one many in the white house!
    Hey Fox So-Called News has a rod up their viewers and listeners back side so damn deep I can see semen running down their lips when they speak!

    In general the media lies but Fox So-Called News takes it to the next level and if you did your homework you’d know it’s because of the old racist geezer that owns Fox So-Called News.

  • Mind Games

    The government is being used like a weapon such as what a member of the mob would do to eliminate the competition.
    And all these drivers that are now jumping for joy at all the e-logs and speed limiters will soon cry tears of sorrow when the company they work for pulls off their friendly mask and show their real true identity and the fatigue sets in from all that extra hard work they must put in AFTER the prices go up in the store but their checks sure as hell won’t!

  • Mike

    Now all y’all need to pull your heads out of your ass’s. The bottom line here is that we all need to bound together and stop the bullshit from EVERYONE, not just the government, which I admit have their heads so far each others ass’s that they can taste yesterday’s supper, but we need to stop everyone from babysitting us. It’s bad enough that the companies that we work for babysit us, telling us how to drive, how to load, how to secure the load, and how to get it from point A to point B safely and they watch us every step of the way via QUALCOMM’s but that’s just it, everyone gets on sites like this and cries about things that’s going on or going to happen when in fact it’s us who needs to do something about it like in the old days, so I’ll tell every damn one of you this and I don’t give a flying f*** who you are, either pull your head out of your ass and like me fight or give yourself a Plexiglas anatomy cause you have your head up your ass and need to see out, period the end

  • Mind Games

    Right now as I sit here and watch all this corruption unfold before my very eyes I can see that finally many of us “Get it”!!!
    I also can see that many of us are about ready to set into motion a history making event that will test us and destroy the wall that has prevented us from coming together.

    I want you guys to know that we are all brothers, we are all men and most importantly we are God’s children and because we are all the above in a great country called America we don’t hafta take any of this from our government.

    Let freedom ring from shore to shore, let freedom ring in the hearts, minds and brave souls in this industry and country who we all know are ready to put these corrupt basterds back in their place.

    We the people own and operate this country and we men and who bravely handle up to 80,000 of truck and trailer know how to drive better than these office jokeys.

    Are we ready to shut the country down??? Just about ready just keep spreading the word that upon the passage of any of these new laws is the day to go home and sit tight because gentlemen it’s going to be a bumpy ride on the train called peaceful protest and civil disobedience.

    Say no to the mark of the beast aka e-log, say no to slow trucks and say yes to freedom.

    Also to prevent this from ever happening again say no to the large trucking companies that have backed this garbage by quiting them immediately!!!

    It’s a small price to pay and our forefathers paid even more to simply catch a ride home and fill out an application and go to work for a smaller company that respects and understands you as a human being.

    Be man driver, I did the same when I left Dart Transit because I knew right then and there I was not respected as a man when the owner at that time showed up in the Truckers news paper supporting this garbage.

    There are many other companies and or the owners of those companies that supports this and since I don’t I know how to let their income simply fall.

  • mousekiller

    Mind games if you have lived as long as I have and seen the things I have you would crawl under your bed and hide. I have politicians and law enforcement in my family and some of the things they tell that gets done would upset you so much you would piss your self. Freshmen congressmen cannot make waves for the first year, are subject to harassment no different that some college students.

    Some politicians have to go along to get along. Most of their actions are a trade off. Vote for my deal I will vote for your deal kind of stuff. So don’t think you an all knowing person because your off base most of the time. . and yes it does come from the WH. He nods yea or nay on 95% of the bills. Most are back room deals. You are entitled to your opinion even when wrong. A lot of your posts do make sense but not all.

  • oldpinky

    I gave up babysitters when I was 8.

    The great science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov observed way back in 1988, “that it’s almost not necessary for us to do good. It’s only necessary for us to stop doing evil, for goodness sake.
    It’s the same here. We need to support one another’s economic future, we need to band together and we need to inject a positive influence into this war against us. One thing I have not heard that trucking is doing is enlisting the truck stop chains in our cause. And the magazines like Overdrive. They should collect all the great articles and positive images they print and send them to all the people who think they are at war with us to present a more balanced picture. If they see us as real people with families and homes just like them, as people who enable them to live comfortably because of our efforts, that has to go a long ways to create a paradigm shift. If we are viewed as partners in keeping our roadways safe, then we can change the discussion to one of how can we work together to make this happen. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.