Nothing to Sneeze at

| December 12, 2008

EYE DROPS act like oral preparations in quickly relieving allergic symptoms of red, itchy and watery eyes.

SALINE (SALT WATER) NOSE DROPS are often helpful in relieving nasal symptoms by keeping the nasal passages moist. You may purchase these already mixed or you may make your own by mixing 1/4 teaspoon salt in 1 cup of body-temperature water. Too much salt will dry nasal membranes. Place the solution in a clean bottle with a dropper, which is available at drug stores. Use as necessary. Make a fresh solution every three days. Insert the drops while lying on your back on a bed, with your head hanging over the side. This will help the drops get farther back. Try to keep the dropper from touching your nose.

For severe or long-lasting symptoms, get medical testing. It can help you pinpoint which allergens to avoid.

Local pollen counts:

Gardening in high-allergy locales:

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