Obamacare: More than just a big headache?

| November 01, 2013

The Affordable Care Act stands to upend the individual market for insurance, where many owner-operators have traditionally gone to purchase health insurance. Given recent news of so many policy cancellations in that market and the buzz around the ACA, many drivers have been looking toward the new health insurance exchanges for options only to find little more than a dysfunctional website, particularly in states where the exchange is federally run. 

overdriveradio4_smallThere are other options to advice on what route to take, however. Overdrive Senior Editor Todd Dills explored these and other issues with Tom Smith and Marc Ballard of the Healthy Trucking Association of America in the special podcast featured below. HTAA is in the process of setting up a fully-functional driver-specific web portal toward the exchange policies, and they’ve already set up a call center accessible via 855-648-1613. 

  • g

    Hopefully it will help us get our PROSTRATE CANCER treated…this article posted by OVERDRIVE say truckers are 4 TIMES mor likely to get Agreesive Prostrate Cancer as other workers because of constant vibration of truck. Great.

  • John Scott

    Sad part about the affordable care act. Is that its going to negatively affect the many to possibly help the few. But it was never really about helping the few. It was about a national health care with provisions created by government and sold through insurance carriers. This won’t save people money, just reduce their choices.

  • Marc Ballard

    There’s certainly going to be winners and losers on this. It’s estimated that 15 million people have an ind medical plan of which 7-12 million may end up be “non-renewed” because the insurance they currently own doesn’t meet certain requirements or “essential benefits” under ACA…like maternity coverage, RX and others. Some of these items(IMO) are “essential” to have, but others like maternity, not needed by many out there. That has a lot of people upset and reasonably so. It appears based on what I’m hearing the admin, in typical fashion, is trying to now blame the insurers of these millions of people and that they could have made changes earlier to get these policies “up to code”.

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