OD snowy archive: December 1982

| January 28, 2014


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  • Dr Duke

    You need to release an archive of the of Overdrive magazines. Online or on dvd. .

  • alamo

    Amen to that, nothing better than the original Overdrive. Mike Parkhurst was for the trucker and by the trucker. Todays editors only have loyalty to advertisers and politicians.

  • lincoln84

    Ol’ Mike Parkhurst was 100% plus for the driver back in 1969 when I started as a relief driver with my father when he bought his 1st truck and started with Mayflower as an owner op. I was 18 and drove with my regular license for almost a year until dad and I came home in late summer 1970 and he sent me to the local truck driver training class at Dakota County Vo-Tech in Rosemount, MN were I did a 2 week course to get my Shauffer’s license and I was then legal to operate as a commercial driver!