Oil and water

| August 01, 2006

Lindsey isn’t the only big fish angler in the family.

“Amy landed a mahi mahi that was 5 feet 1 inch long and took her an hour and a half to get in. It wore her out, but she’s not the kind to give up and hand it off to someone else. When it was done, she just lay down on the deck and went to sleep.”

Lindsey, 39, a 14-year trucking veteran who was formerly a framing contractor, drives a Kenworth T600 for CFI. An Oklahoma native, he now works out of San Antonio, an easy drive from the Texas coast and the Gulf of Mexico. He won’t go out on the water when the waves get over 8 feet, and he likes to be sure of the weather before he takes the family along.

“We only take the boys on short hops so if they get tired we can zip back in,” he says. “The boat has a Bimini top that gives us a lot of shade, so that helps on sunny days, and a little cabin.”

“If it’s just me and Amy in the boat and my mother-in-law looking after the boys, a quick trip 25 miles off shore is no problem. My brother and I went out 40 miles one day and got some great fish. We have GPS, so we know where we are all the time. When we were kids, it was compass only, of course.”

These days Lindsey’s boat is a 20-foot Aquasport with a 150-horsepower Johnson outboard. “It’s a family boat, that’s what it’s for, to provide fun for the whole family.”

Growing up in Oklahoma as the oldest of four brothers, Lindsey learned to be an active hunter and fisherman from his family. He still likes to hunt for deer, pheasant and dove, and to go bow hunting.

“Dad was an avid fisherman and hunter. He had a boat for the Gulf, too,” Lindsey says. “My brothers and I all went out with him as boys, and that’s where we learned to fish. When we got older, he’d let us go out together to the Whistling Buoy, 9 miles out. We’d have to be back at a set time, and I know we scared him a few times.

“Once he sent us out with what he worked out was five hours bait, and he told us when the bait was gone to come back. But we had money, and we bought bait off a shrimp boat. When we finally got back, he was ready to be angry, but he looked in the boat and said, ‘You’ve got more fish that you had bait. What happened?’ We told him and he kind of laughed and decided he couldn’t get mad at us for that.”

Lindsey has been hunting since childhood, starting with birds and graduating to deer.

“It was a family thing, still is,” he says. “The kids that are too young to hunt come along and collect the birds. They get an education that way and learn about safety so they can hunt safely themselves when they are old enough.”

But hunting and fishing aren’t Lindsey’s only outdoor loves; he’s always had a fondness for riding horses, too.

“I did some rodeo and cutting horse shows in my late teens and early 20s,” he says. “For two summers I rode horses for trainers, helping to break them in. My job was to ride ’til I stopped falling off, and then the jockeys would take over. I still own three horses and I ride when I get time, and the boys have started riding, too.”

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