Operation Safe Driver inspection blitz starts Sunday, runs all next week

| October 17, 2013

inspectionThe Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual enforcement blitz, Operation Safe Driver, will mobilize across North America Oct. 20-26.

This year’s effort will be similar to last year’s event, when law enforcement officials stopped more than 40,000 drivers at 1,245 locations in the United States and Canada. Law enforcement will target unsafe driving by truckers and four-wheelers, but especially distracted driving.

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Highway truck and bus crashes result in an annual 4,000 deaths and an additional 100,000 injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 11 percent of drivers age 20 and younger in fatal accidents were distracted at the time of the crash.

The week includes an Oct. 21 safety demonstration in Philadelphia and “Teens and Trucks” educational events Oct. 16 in Grand Prairie, Texas, Oct. 24 in Cookeville, Tenn. and Oct. 26 Darlington, S.C.

More information is available at www.cvsa.org/osd

  • PattyCakes

    once again … Bend over. grab your ankles, while your Tax Dollars are used to remove even more dollars from your wallet

    Only in America …. wut a kuntree dude, what a kuntree

  • g

    Operation Gestapo…..

  • guest

    Operation Grab Your Ankles!!!
    Armies of Clipboard Holding Goons!!!

  • mousekiller

    For some reason I seem to miss these special events. I seem to be home fishing, cutting grass or just plain relaxing. Darn , Maybe next year.

  • Doug

    This is a complete joke. I watch the bus’s blow by me in and out of traffic, while the CHP are on the road. Over forty years CDL and only once have I seen one pulled over.

  • mowzlawn

    How about the idiot that was rolling around under my trailer and truck and then told me my pin wasn’t in my hitch. I told him that oin is only used when you are using it as a pintle hithc. He said “Whats that?”

  • Ken Nilsen

    I am glad to see a focus on distracted driving. It is amazing how many drivers I see out here on a daily basis holding the cell phone up to their ear, leaning on the door, clearly unable to safely see all that is around them. There will be no hard earned money out of my pocket as I keep it clean and do not give them a reason to look at me. If you are a professional driver then this will not affect you.

  • g

    Sure if you NEED a babysitter..and rookie COP asking alot of DUMB questions this is just right for YOU.

  • guest

    Here comeThe Goons!!! Good Time to Shut Down.
    Imbiciles poking around our trucks…just what we DONT need. They NEED Probable cause to stop your FREEDOM of MOVEMENT….this Bogus Search and Seizure and Inspection is a total VIOLATION of our RIGHTS to begin with in a Free Enterprise System……These GOONS are like Hitler’s SS….they make the RULES and place the VICTIM out of service……

  • guest

    It says they are having a demonstration for TEENS and TRUCKS??? No TEEN is stupid enuff to drive a stinking truck and be DOMINATED by COPS. Are You Crazy?? They can see it is a PRISON ON WHEELS,,where every move is Monitored by Satelite and COPS hide and wait to write FAT citations to make you miserable….TEENS are having a good laugh..probably calling this CHARADE trucks and CHUMPS!

  • guest

    These cops only want to ENFORCE the laws that are CONVENIENT for them. They dont bother checking DOCUMENTATION to see if the “driver” is an AMERICAN CITIZEN or has PAPERS that certify he is LEGALLY able to drive an 18wheeler in AMERICA…..Each American is easily IDENTIFIED thrumany Data Bases when he hands over his CDL to the COP….However an illegal alien manytimes cant speak English very well(if at all) this should be a RED FLAG..his “CDL” maybe be fake..of COUSE he has no SS Number(that is real)…COPS need to INVESTIGATE these guys and they are NOT. They blow it off as a waste of time coz nobody knows WHO the guys is or WHERE he comes from or WHAT his CRIMINAL background is…we need TRANSPARENCY in this part of FMCSA and they should REPORT to AMERICANS how MANY Truckers are being apprehended with BOGUS licenses and “documentation”…if the guy has a Legit VISA then Fine…however their are MANY court cases online where the “trucker” in the ACCIDENT was an illegal alien….THIS needs to be addressed by FMCSA now…and POST their Findings on the CSA site……illegals are keeping our Freight Rates down and taking JOBS in trucking and committing a CRIME by driving Truck in AMERICA…COPS are AVOIDING this issue big time.

  • Brenda

    hmmmmmmmmm and where were all those trucks ~ Is this going to be retaliation for the government shut down protest on DC? Food for thought????

  • glenn

    it just pisses me off, why bother with trucks and dont do anything about the way 4 wheelers drive ,,no turn signals, no lights on when it rains,,cell phones to the ear and texting at the same time , as well as last minute cut thurs and turn offs,as well as passing on the right shoulder.
    oh wait thats right they wont make money that way,
    the truckers have money and time to waste and wait for these guys
    i remember the days when the cops and troopers did their job

  • Teresa Thompson

    The way they cut us off..almost hitting our bumpers or making us slam on our brakes because they are idiots and the cops don’t care but its always the trucks fault…..

  • RLD

    Thanks but I’d rather like to have safe commercial vehicles on the road. Maintain your equipment!

  • RLD

    Bullshit. Using public roadways which we all share requires your equipment meets safety standards. .

  • Hotrod

    Shut up Stupid . if your a [professional driver] you,d know they,ll find something wrong while delaying you , so just shut up !!

  • Heavy Haul

    Recently graduated from Swift I assume?

  • Dan @ TQL

    I would much rather have safe drivers and equipment, there are so many lying, cheating drivers out there who do very unsafe things and end up causing issues for everyone involved.

    Just be honest, inspect your equipment and do things right!!

  • FED UP

    Blessing for the citizens! If you have driven for a company like Hot-Line Freight you’d have a better understanding of why these are necessary!

  • PattyCakes

    Not me … not us …. we all prefer to drive junk, run 24/7 and do it for peanuts.

    Are you just that dumb ?

    I got a 6 month annual Pa Inspection Sticker on my windshield which costs me … I got a Yearly Fed Inspection Sticker pasted on the back of my cab which costs me … and my truck gets serviced every 5,000 miles, which also costs me, but that one is my discretion

    ……….. and your Superior Intellect seems to think our equipment needs some Truck Nazi detaining me / us while he is on the clock after I’ve already paid for a State + Fed Sticker !

    Can you give me a second, I’ll be right back, I’m looking for a wall to bang my head against.

  • Eddie Smith

    Thanks but i am really getting tired of the government holding a gun to my head and stealing my money.

  • Hard Pax

    Sounds like dumbass didn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground lol

  • Hard Pax

    Safe is one thing but to harass is another

  • Deez Nuts

    I was just thinking I need to spend more time with the wife and kids.

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