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Oregon legislature passes limited road user fee bill

| July 09, 2013

Oregon’s legislature has become the first nationwide to approve a voluntary road user fee for drivers of vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds.

Democrat Gov. John Kitzhaber reportedly is expected to sign the legislation that will charge participants 1.5 cents per mile instead of the state’s gas tax of 30 cents per gallon.
On July 7, the Senate voted 24-6 in favor of the bill to establish the program after the House approved it by a 43-13 vote.

Participation will be limited to 5,000 vehicles whose drivers may apply for a refund of gas tax they pay at the pump. State officials will stipulate what technology will be used to report mileage.

The bill, SB 810, will provide $2.8 million to implement the program, which is to be fully operative in 2015.

The increased use of fuel-efficient vehicles, along with high-mileage hybrid and electric vehicles, have resulted in less revenue for transportation projects and maintenance.

In 1919, Oregon became the first state to collect a gas gax. This year, state officials completed a second pilot project on road user fees after conducting the original study in 2007.

  • USMC 69-75

    Well it’s starting!

    They can tell you how much air is in your tires, how many miles you drive a day, unlock/lock your door remotely, shut off your vehicle, etc.etc.. Now they are going to be taxing you when you renew your plate, pay the tax or we shut down your car……no driving illegally! It would be nice if they leave that rebate, baiter thing in there, but once they see the money they are losing, it won’t last long. Then you pay at the pump, and when you renew your plate, or quarterly, depending how fast they want your money!!! Can we say taxation without representation? Then the cars will be just like us with our 2290, fuel tax, property tax, CSR, etc etc…
    Only we are getting hit on both ends now, personal, and work!!!!!!

  • martymarsh

    Right on the money.
    Oh this is getting ugly, I thought we put thieves in jail. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.