Our impressions of Landstar BCO Appreciation Days

| January 26, 2012

Diane and I have only been with two carriers in our eight-year trucking career so I do not have a broad base of experience from which to speak. But I will say the executives at Landstar are cut from a different cloth than most we have met before.

In the presence of truck drivers, Landstar executives were open, honest, friendly, confident, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, intellectually engaged, focused and tough. They don’t mince words and they don’t disrespect the best-of-breed contractors who they know (really, really know) they need to make Landstar’s business model work.

• I also learned today how to properly punctuate and abbreviate state names. Learned by looking it up in a style guide. Notice the great job I did with Jacksonville, Fla., above. My eighth-grade teacher would be proud (finally).

The new blogging I am doing at the Overdrive magazine web site is motivating me to get better at such things. Overdrive is one of many publications that a large publishing company puts out. At least one of my new readers is a professional writer and editor. That’s scary.

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