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| August 01, 2006

The crew added a huge sleeper with numerous amenities, including queen-size air-adjustable bed, electric fireplace and a barbecue pit that extends out from the exterior. The exterior design is blue with icebergs, and Crane and Jackie love traveling in it now.

The truck was featured on the show’s February debut episode, which everyone on the road seems to have seen, Crane says. “A cop pulled me over in Texas to get his picture taken with my truck,” he says.

Driver Michael Zuck also found himself in the spotlight recently. Zuck, a company driver for Kindrid Enterprises, of Taylorville, Ind., was surprised to see “polar bears” listed as the load on his Qualcomm.

Kindrid leases to FedEx Custom Critical, which was contracted to move three polar bears to the zoo in Memphis, Tenn. – 2-year-old Payton and 3-year-old Haley from Chicago and 4-year-old Cranbeary from Denver. Polar bears are the largest land carnivore and can weigh up to almost 1,000 pounds.

The Chicago polar bears were first crated and flown to Memphis. Zuck, of Lansing, Mich., arrived at the Memphis airport and was immediately directed by FedEx employees over to an airplane. Payton and Haley were unloaded from the plane and loaded into Zuck’s trailer. The two bears were sedated, and bags of ice topped their cages.

Zuck put load bars in front and back of the cages, strapped each cage into the truck and kept the van temperature at 65 degrees. Still, even invisible to traffic inside the van, they bumped the cage, causing the entire truck to shake.

The animals drew attention, starting with airport workers to the TV crews and crowds waiting at the Memphis zoo.

“I felt like the MVP of the Superbowl when I pulled in,” Zuck recalls. “It was kind of astonishing having that much attention.”

The following week, Zuck learned the zoo had requested him to move Cranbeary from the airport to the Memphis zoo. Cranbeary didn’t shake the truck, but Zuck could hear repeated thumps from the bear, who wanted out of his cage.

“I wanted him to have a good ride,” Zuck says, “but I think I enjoyed the move more than he did.”
Jill Dunn

Bear Necessities
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