Outside the ordinary

| August 01, 2006

Fearing she would lose consciousness, Tresvant asked if Lee could help, and he ran into the store to buy orange juice.

“I knew a diabetic needed orange juice,” Lee says. “It doesn’t take very long to bring the blood sugar level to normal.”

While she drank the juice, Lee also bought her candy bars to further stabilize her blood sugar, and he remained with her until it reached a safe level.

Tresvant wrote a letter to Davis Transport to commend Lee for his “quick thinking and fast actions” in what she called “a crisis situation.”

“It’s just in my nature to help,” Lee says. “I like the feeling I get in helping people.”

The Truckload Carriers Association recognized Lee as a Highway Angel for assisting the diabetic grandmother. Lee received a Highway Angel lapel pin, certificate and patch for his efforts, and Davis Transport received a certificate.
–Brittani Tingle

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