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Carolyn Magner

Overdrive’s Most Beautiful applications rolling in!

| February 18, 2013

Overdrive’s Most Beautiful contest is up and running and the submissions continue to amaze, delight and reduce me to tears. The photos are beautiful and include trucking women of all shapes, sizes and ages. I’m such a softie for a great attitude and the essays, when they don’t break your heart, make you proud to be part of the trucking industry.

Some of the stories include a woman who is undergoing chemo but still climbed aboard her big rig and took off down the road right after a treatment. She attached a recent photo shortly after shaving her head. One man sent in his wife’s photo and wrote about how she is beautiful inside and outside and how she brought him happiness every day of their long marriage. A daughter sent in her gorgeous mom and a boyfriend sent his team driver’s photo.

There is a beautiful, classically trained ballet dancer now a full-time owner-operator and a recent MFA graduate who is driving solo. The military vet who served in Iraq is both gorgeous and one cool lady. Speaking of cool ladies, Ingrid Brown, also know as Half-Pint, offers daily encouragement to anyone trying to muster the courage to send in her application.

This is how it works. You upload your photo and a short essay about why you are a beautiful trucking woman. April 1, (no joke) we will post all the applicants and their stories. You can pull in your friends and family to vote online.

The top few winners go to Dallas for The Great American Trucking Show where they will receive a makeover and we’ll photograph them in front of custom rigs. The grand prize winner will grace the cover of Overdrive!

Applications are open through March 20, 2013.

Tune in NEXT MONDAY at 11:15 EST when I talk to Sirius Radio’s  Meredith Ochs about Overdrive’s Most Beautiful!

  • Ingrid Brown

    Thanks Miss Carolyn, and youre so right…Come on gang not a Woman in our industry, Driver, Dispatch, Wife, Daughter goes without BEAUTY!!! I love meeting and sharing with each. Cause I learn something of inspiration everyday from ones like you. So Guys get off your duffs and share the gratitude each one deserves!!!!! Smile …

  • Randy Schwartzenburg

    I’ve known Ingrid for more than 15 years and I’ve seen her involved not just as a driver but as industry leader. She is one of our Trucker Buddies and has helped many of the other non profits trying to make our industry better. I’m sure all the ladies nominated would be excellent representatives of our industry but I would love to see my “little sis” Ingrid granted this honor.

    Randy Schwartzenburg

    Executive Director

    Trucker Buddy International

  • Ingrid Brown

    Now that I’ve wiped the tears of joy and gratitude away, I just found your post … Thank you Randy, we together have been down many roads out here and you’ve ridden along with not just me but each person connected in the trucking industry. It’s you being my dear big brother to each person that has touched my life in the simplest ways … Thats where being humble comes from. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me to see I can do anything I want to as long as I’m true to God, myself and others. You, your family, Trucker Buddy, Randall Reilly and SO many others have given me the inspiration to be a participant in this journey we call Life in Truckin’! I want to say Thank You to each and everyone from the bottom of my heart!!! God Bless you “big brother” thanks!! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.