Computing the owner-operator business — Part 1

| September 19, 2012

The Rig Expense Tracker software, also a standalone program, offers backup capability on the company’s servers and comes with a 30 percent discount for members of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association.

Data in Rig Expense Tracker likewise stays on the user’s computer, says developer Rick Stephens. “I have a big problem with the cloud,” he says, referring to the term for data-housing on multiple Internet-connected servers. “If the cloud goes away, so does their data. I allow the data to upload a backup for disaster-recovery procedures.”

Truckers Helper, also offered with an OOIDA discount, continues to be available in standalone version, says founder and longtime truck operator John Ewing, though its owner-operator ($9.95 monthly) and fleet versions are also available in Web-based versions. “You have to stay on top of things,” Ewing says. “You have to know what you’re making and what your bottom line is.”

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series for small fleet/independent owner-operator-appropriate programs.

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  • Bob Moore

    I’ve got a spreadsheet that I use. It’s a Microsoft spreadsheet that I put my own format to it to calculate what my check will be at end of the week after all expenses are deducted. I enter each load info for the week, every stop, fuel gals & cost, odometer readings and it calculates avg. MPG for the week; deducts weekly permits, ins., maint. deposit, and it shows what I should take home. Only problem I have is you have to have Microsoft Works installed on your computer to use it. Would love to know how to get it put as a stand-alone program. Any ideas on how to do it or get it on the market?
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