Rates and pay: Owner-operator challenge No. 4

| August 08, 2012
  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.edmonds.7564 Mike Edmonds

    One sure fire way to lower fuel costs dramatically is to install a hydrogen fuel booster. The Highline Wildcat is just the ticket!
    See here: http://www.hyimpact.com/

  • haller

    Truckers who works for brokers are STUPID.
    Brokers keep 60% of the freight charge…….

  • Dan

    how else to find loads then?

  • Anthony Bartolomeo

    Don’t listen to greedy truckers. .If you take home 6500 -9500 a month. .that’s good enough. ..

  • Anthony Bartolomeo

    Get your own m.c. and then advertise your company on goggle

  • Anthony Bartolomeo

    I can’t figure out how you make any money. .taking loads for 95 cents a mile plus f.s.c…that’s a dollar 1.30 a mile now..If the fuel prices are 4.00 dollars a gallon. .my truck costs 65 cent a mile to run loaded with 44,000 lbs or more..so that leaves me with 65 cent..plus take off at least 40 cents for fuel taxes, income taxes, road taxes, insurance, plates..what I have left?..25 cent a mile…why do I need to own a truck? ??

  • Mike Smart

    Mostly USA like China no money for trucking. Only goes to brokers and government whose politicians give it to railroads or other countless projects other than roads especially in CA.

  • Mike Smart

    Start with a 160,000 Volvo add fuel and road tax cause ya own something also add expense & pay tax. So now why new truck cause fuel and mechanic cost and ya get one no cost from the company but to make a little money ya got to cruise bout eight economically. Stop cause Uncle Sam is bout 19 trillion dim. If there is oil shortage haul water for oil only have to stop when a stop work authority is placed. It go way past 24 hours of service for healthy adult moving frac water. Doper always fail in the end and drivers know their own limits and money and stop work authority and experience ther is no turnover with huge dollars and stop work authority. The 700 in OTR after tax likely given to TA and Pilot. Oil starts at 100,000 at 19hr in a boom and a lack of drivers bring the wage to 30 hr plus all seven days to work and get decent money and no eight day rule in an oil boom.

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