Rates and pay: Owner-operator challenge No. 4

| August 08, 2012

Online Interface Makes it Easier for Drivers to Find Need-it-Now Parts

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.edmonds.7564 Mike Edmonds

    One sure fire way to lower fuel costs dramatically is to install a hydrogen fuel booster. The Highline Wildcat is just the ticket!
    See here: http://www.hyimpact.com/

  • haller

    Truckers who works for brokers are STUPID.
    Brokers keep 60% of the freight charge…….

  • Dan

    how else to find loads then?

  • Anthony Bartolomeo

    Don’t listen to greedy truckers. .If you take home 6500 -9500 a month. .that’s good enough. ..

  • Anthony Bartolomeo

    Get your own m.c. and then advertise your company on goggle

  • Anthony Bartolomeo

    I can’t figure out how you make any money. .taking loads for 95 cents a mile plus f.s.c…that’s a dollar 1.30 a mile now..If the fuel prices are 4.00 dollars a gallon. .my truck costs 65 cent a mile to run loaded with 44,000 lbs or more..so that leaves me with 65 cent..plus take off at least 40 cents for fuel taxes, income taxes, road taxes, insurance, plates..what I have left?..25 cent a mile…why do I need to own a truck? ??

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