Owner-operators: How are CARB rules affecting your business?

| June 10, 2013

  • Chris Harkins

    I say we all just stay out of California and let it die…then use it as an example of how not to run your state into the ground!

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    What was an owner-operator grandpa? That’s what the next generation will ask when they see a movie or TV rerun of an independent trucker. Just hope everyone took plenty photos of what the HELL real trucks use to look like before the last one is scrapped. It’s a damn shame we have allowed a bunch of socialistic tree hugging Zombies to run rampant in America replacing good sense with “the sky is falling” freaks. These Star Bucks researchers seem to be urging all the legislative life changing decisions for each of us today. I’ve worked around heavy equipment including trucking all my life but now I find I’m in eminent danger at age 61 by absorbing diesel particular matter. The true threat I clearly see here is losing the ability to make a free choice in America. I find there’s a much better chance of being backed over by an illegal behind the wheel of a diesel due to the inability of our politically correct legislators to enforce the law than dying of a mysterious black cloud of diesel matter bearing down on metropolis! Maybe we should call on BATMAN to clean up the dreaded mess before we force all the independent truckers out of business with new environmental rules and regulations created by the cloud people in order to bankrupt Americas remaining entrepreneurs..

  • ptrb06

    I drove for 6 interstate companies in 15 years and was an owner/operator in CA for 5 years and doing okay. But all the idiot regs plus the CARB requirements for 2006 trucks pushed my patience over the top. I sold the truck and my 53′ step deck and quit the whole thing. I’ll stay home for the summer and my do some harvest driving later. Maybe hire on with a flatbed company later this year. Trucking for independents is soon to be lost forever.

  • wayne leverton

    I’m outta here, to old to buy another $100,000 truck to work for my last 3 or 4 medically legal years, to work for 7 cents am hour !! … And retire further in debt than I already am.

    All elected officials are the most corrupt, two faced, lying & cheating bastards, regardless of party ties. … Now when rolling a scale, your looked at as if your a mass murder, even before you started your engine, your guilty. Screw this, let the masses go to China to get their “Big Screen” & ass wipe !!!

  • Unhappy trucker in ca

    We are not finding funding for the filter and there is no more extra in the bank to pay for the filter. We can’t afford a new truck so shutting down our business might be our only option left. Thanks California

  • blt

    what gets me is the goverment retro fits the mexican truck free of charge but not for us

  • Freddie

    Boo Hoo…… Its always the broke truckers crying the blues… Adapt or get out of my way. I can afford new equipment and will take the higher California freight rates to the bank.

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