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Start the year with strategies to achieve your goals

Kevin Rutherford speaks at Overdrive's Partners in Business seminar.

Kevin Rutherford speaks at Overdrive’s Partners in Business seminar.

Do you recognize weaknesses in your business that can’t be solved overnight? Or personal disciplines you’d like to develop, but you don’t know where to start?

In the podcast below, Overdrive columnist Kevin Rutherford, a former owner-operator and now a small fleet owner, tells owner-operators how they can improve their business and personal lives by using tactics and strategies.

Speaking at an Overdrive Partners in Business seminar at the Great American Trucking Show, Rutherford delivers the first part of his message on tactics, strategies and goal-setting. Look soon for the second half of the talk on

Partners in Business is  sponsored by FirestoneRyder Vehicle Systems and Shell Rotella. It’s produced by Overdrive and financial services provider ATBS

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  • guest

    Getting “started”?? at what? Ya cant even get out of the Parking Lot with all the Constraining Laws and Stifling Rules being imposed on truckers on a daily basis..with alot MORE coming soon….smarter to open a sandwich shop if you have MONEY to invest…..this industry is rediculous to consider today….I dont think ANY business consultant would recommend Trucking as a “startup business”…..the outlook is for More and More crippling Regulations that only mega Fleets can financially absorb…..the others are being Regulated OUT of business…..??

  • guest

    You will be Investing every minute of ur life away from your family and complying with Red Tape and Rules till you are blue in the face….why would anybody choose to waste his time and money in this racket?? Someone who isNOT very business savvy…it is a LOSER for 95% of the startups…odds are horrible for a new guy…..and getting WORSE each day. The good day is GONE for Independents….open a bar or liquour store…..more fun…plus home everyday.

  • guest

    You will have a better chance of Success panning for gold than becoming an Owner Op in todays market…Kevin should post the Washout Rate for newbusiness hopefuls in Trucking…even Old Timers cant make it…what chance does a New Guy have kevin??? Slim and None?? He is actually here trying to boost Subscribership for this magazine. lol

  • Lady Farmer

    Glad we did not listen to the neysayers when we began our own business Jan 2011. Yes it is hard work, yes you need to be business savvy, yes you have some disappointments which you can turn into learning opportunities. Today I closed out our numbers for 2013. Almost double the income of 2011. Expenses are decreasing and set to decrease further next year.

  • guest

    ..and if you are hauling interstate you WILL be gone from Home all the time…seems like a waste of time and too much of a Gamble and commitment to the ROAD…..being Home with Family is a more Logical way…if you want to run a can still have a LIFE??????

  • William McKelvie

    Imagine that. His followers are loyal to the point of being outright nasty and throwing out basic business principles involved with hauling anything. They push for CHEAP freight, say it is GREAT freight and promote computer numbers as real fuel mileage? Smh multiple times, when will they wake up and realize all that stuff they buy from this salesman turned trucker is making him bling bling? I mean come on already, bragging about 1.60 a mile reefer loads? Please man please.

  • g

    God Awful…..

  • g

    kevins real business revenues come from Speeches, Cd’s about JIVE….photo shoots with Sponser names in background most NORMAL truckers feel that trucking is under Seige and going in the TOILET very “RAPIDO”…..what a Joke to “pep talk” the unsuspecting chumps…..he should be arrested and or sued for absolute FRAUD and he knows it….he is laughing all the way to the bank….

  • Corbin

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing Overdrive.

  • Fred

    Rutherford is a scam artist.

  • g

    I wonder if kevin tells the new folks that most logical people are LEAVING trucking since it has become intolerable and a JOKE?? Why would a new person choose this Anal industry when it has become impossible to operate without Government Approval??? 25 years ago maybe…but TODAY???? Seems like bad advice…like a bad land deal…lol strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.