Pay Choice

Todd Dills | December 01, 2011

“I tell people, if you’re comfortable where you are and you’re thinking about coming to [Schneider’s percentage-paid, self-dispatched program], don’t think you’ll make a lot more money,” he says. “You’ll work harder to earn what you do get, but I personally get more satisfaction out of it. I’m the one making the decision about where I go and what I do.”

Alt-pay software for small fleets

The accounting headache of offering alternative pay packages might seem too much of a disincentive for a multi-truck independent to bother with. However, there is at least one software program designed for just that market, says David Owen, head of the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (

NASTC in recent years made available its MYSTC (“Managing Your own Small Trucking Company”) software, an online-hosted program available to members for $39 a month for the first truck, less with each additional one. It largely automates the settlement process, Owen says.

“We can do it on percentage, mileage” — or both, he says. No more “dispatching the truck, then Suzy in the back office figures out how to settle with the drivers or owner-operators,” he adds.

Once trip information is entered, data is stored and available for future IFTA-report calculation, settlements and lane rate analysis.

Small carriers’ value for drivers and owner-operators is often built on their strong relationships with those drivers.

“We’ve got to find a way to keep that competitive advantage,” Owen says. “We’ve got to figure a way to pay [drivers and owner-operators] better, pay them faster and give them comparable benefits — or the gloom and doom about driver shortages is going to actually come true.”

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