Peterbilt announces new nat gas powertrain option of Cummins ISX12 G and Eaton’s UltraShift

| June 04, 2014
The CNG-powered Peterbilt 579

The CNG-powered Peterbilt 579

Peterbilt announced this week  a new powertrain option for several of its natural gas vehicles that combines the Cummins Westport ISX12 G and the Eaton UltraShift Plus automated transmission.

The powertrain package will be available for its Models 579, 567, 384 and 365. The package works for both CNG- and LNG-powered trucks.

The Eaton UltraShift PLUS is available in the 13-speed MHP and 10-speed LAS series and the 11.9-liter Cummins Westport ISX12 G is available up to 400 horsepower and 1,450 lb.-ft. of torque.

The automated transmission features intelligent shift selection software that optimizes performance and efficiency, as well as tailored shift logic that enhances braking performance.

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  • whooops

    Uhh, didnt prefer autoEngage braking (or shifting) on wet/snow/iced roads in Freit drove some yrs back. Gather there’s been improvements. Prsnly, wld never drive anything natural Gas… Guess robots won’t mind incendiary risk factor(s).

    *if i didnt know better I’d say it appeared as if*,
    ? does it not come down to that cold hard (let’s not be emotional) acceptable predictable Loss Factor %, based upon insurance actuarial table risk factors… ? ? Is the reduced income via crushing hours rules trucker in this economy a predictable Loss per insurance actuarial tables when goes poof during CTPAT? Why do clean air rules & new CDL hours rules appear as if corraling Truckers onto a decidedly lower income plantation where our concerns are perceived as complaints. …where farmers can’t cost effectively operate a rig during winter months. …where foreign owned farm land has increased 15% & zoning restrictions against agricultural/commercial has tremendously reduced a farmers’ ability to get a loan in bad seasons of drought/flood/blight.

    Once again I suggest that US likening itself to vegetarian/Vegan body part on black market. Vagaries of weather do reduce notion of ‘renewable resources’ to so much “dust in the wind”. So, Ok, natural gas NOT one of those. BUT isn’t current Pres’s regime killing coal & taxing natural gas like crazy. So, why bother?

    Could we plz focus on getting cheap energy to all sectors. Get people picking tomatoes instead of collecting food stamps, unemployment & welfare. I’ve laid sod & worked on Madison Ave for creep lawyer who’s 1st amend cases turned out to be porn(Gary langer, esq who stole BizClg textbook). Yuck dirtbag! Quit that agency provided job yesterday. I’d rather be out here doing allegedly ‘Dirty Job’, meeting real people, farmers, small factory owners, food service, sausage makers, etc.
    Food & fuel & doctor & medical & college & home costs wouldn’t be up like crazy but mostly for taxes on energy/fuel. My grandmother paid a 5Cents for a Loaf of Bread in 1940. By time I was 9-10, it was 30Cents. Gasoline was still under 25 cents 1972.
    ?You want bright minds to invent & reinvent stuff, bring back old GI-BILL that allowed a military Veteran to go for FREE to any college he/she was accepted. Have a new Oklahoma-style Land Rush. Bring back cisterns & reroute excess rain to US – WEST. ? What about that Canadian River that was going to be routed into West in exchange for Alaska Oil Pipe Line routing through Canada? That River water for Oil exchange was dropped ?1974?73?
    Yes we hav natural gas surplus, but considering more imminent specter of foreign food &/or energy dependence, (if i didnt know better I’d say it appeared as if) government should get out of way & quit causing excessive R&D costs & increased taxes on any & all forms of energy. Again, thx Overdrive 4 this forum. *:)

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