PHOTO: Mack Pinnacle loaded with the Capitol Christmas tree

| November 07, 2013

Mack Pinnacle hauling Capitol Christmas tree

 The 2013 U.S. Capitol Christmas tree was harvested from the Colville National Forest in Washington State to begin its multi-state trek to Washington, D.C. with the help of a 2014 MACK Pinnacle model truck, pictured above. 

More than 300 people joined the U.S. Forest Service and state and local government representatives Nov. 1 to celebrate the harvesting of the 88-foot, 80-year-old Engelmann Spruce. The Pinnacle hauling the tree will make 24 stops in cities nationwide during the next month before delivering its special cargo to our nation’s capital.


73-foot Capitol Christmas tree rides in on a Mack

Following a 5,300-mile trek being pulled by a Mack Pinnacle, the 2012 Capitol Christmas tree was delivered to the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol ...

The festivities in Washington State were marked by Kalispell Native American tribe members offering a blessing and conducting a traditional Native American drum circle. State and local elected officials, tribal leaders and organizers of the Capitol Christmas Tree project from Choose Outdoors made remarks before the tree was harvested and carefully lowered, under the watchful eyes of more than a dozen spotters, onto the custom trailer. 

The Pinnacle model is wrapped with a custom-designed decal featuring a bulldog pulling a Christmas tree toward Washington, D.C. 


U.S. Capitol tree lit

The 63-foot tree was transported cross-country by a Mack Pinnacle Axle Back model truck.

Mack Trucks has been a sponsor of the Capitol Christmas tree tour several times during the last few years, most recently in 2011 and 2012. In addition to the truck hauling the tree, Mack is also providing a second Mack Pinnacle model that will haul companion trees to decorate other parts of the U.S. Capitol. U.S. national forests have been providing a Christmas tree for the U.S. Capitol since 1964. The tree will be decorated with more than 5,000 handmade ornaments and lit in an official ceremony in early December.

  • Hooty

    The is stupid. obama doesn’t even believe in Christmas, HE IS A MUSLIM! Our country has wasted a good tree on nothing, just like obama does, so maybe it is appropriate. God has been taken out of our schools, our churches have been persecuted. What is a Christmas tree doing in a Dirt Hole like Washington of all places? I am a Christian, but to take a tree to Washington is a waste of a good tree and money.

  • Dave

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