Pilot Flying J behavior was ‘sickening,’ says CEO

| May 09, 2013

pilot signPilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam said earlier this week that the behavior of some of the salespeople at the company — as cited in a federal affidavit released last month — is “really sickening” to him, adding that it and the alleged fuel rebate withholding scheme has tarnished the reputation of the 54-year-old company.

“We don’t talk that way. We don’t act that way,” Haslam said in his address to the Northeast Ohio National Football Foundation banquet earlier this week. After the affidavit became public, Haslam said he “read it Thursday night and was literally almost sick to my stomach, candidly. No. 1 it was embarrassing and No. 2 it’s not how we act.”

Haslam is also the majority owner of the Cleveland Browns and was referring to a federal affidavit used by the FBI to obtain a search warrant to enter Pilot headquarters in Knoxville, Tenn., and obtain electronic and physical documents. The affidavit contains transcripts of recorded conversations between an FBI informant and Pilot salespeople discussing ways to defraud customers.

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  • No Reform

    It is reported that Gov Haslam owns contolling interst 59% of Pilot/Flying J. His bruttha “jimmy” seems to be blaming OTHERS for this Criminal Activity???? Nice Try….Both of these bruthas are Guilty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/crazywhiteboyintennessee81 Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    * Jimmy Haslam *

    Whaa whaa whaa, don’t blame me, all i did was cash the 500,000.00 a month check from Western Express in 2011 from that hose job.

    I did nothing wrong, i didn’t look at the name, i just cashed the check. i’m innocent!

    whaa whaa whaa

  • GARY D

    he needs to reread page 66 of the affadavit but I’ll paste some of it….On November 20, 2012, CHS-2 attended a diesel sales meeting in which all direct
    sales personnel were present, including all regional directors, regional sales managers andregional account presentatives. Also present were JIMMY HASLEM, Mark Hazelwood, and
    Mitch Steenrod. During Hazelwood’s presentation to the entire group, a male voice interrupted Hazelwood to make reference to Freeman’s previous deceptive conduct in connection with Customer Western Express, which was the same deceptive conduct that Freeman recounted to
    the regional sales directors who met at Freeman’s lake house on October 25, 2012:

  • No Reform

    Good Comedy….these guys are Caught crooks..it will be hard for these WORMS to wiggle out of a prison Sentence..and RICO Statutes….hopefully they LOSE EVERYTHING.

  • Paul Haysmer

    I find it funny, the same people that are saying get rid of them are going to be the same people crying when they close their parking lot….
    The same people that are saying he is lying, that “he had to know” are the same people that are saying Obama and Holder are not at fault for the things that are happening in their adminstration/department…..
    As a truck driver, I say, lets see if he pays back the rebates, if he does fine, if he doesn’t then we take action. I don’t know about you, but their parking lots are clean and safe, if we just sue-sue-sue and they go out of business where are we going to park then???

  • Paul Haysmer

    “hopefully they LOSE EVERYTHING.”
    then where are you going to park???

  • No Reform

    Park???at Demolision Derby/Pilota the truckstop of choice por el mexicano?? If you DO park there regularly then you have seen or been involved in a Parking ACCIDENT…the place is a DUMP.

  • No Reform

    Everytime ya go into the hellhole Pilota…the lineup at the counter is all the way back to the Coolers….designed only to make Haslam RICHER…how MUCH is that guy going to take to his Grave?? He has Billions ..what a Miser….I hope he has a massive heart attack over this.

  • No Reform

    Dicks like this CHEAT the public and Horde the money in the Bank…instead of helping humanity..he buys more crap for Himself….stingy dick that he is.

  • Paul Haysmer

    I do park there regularly, never been in an accident and it wouldn’t be a dump if dumbass dirty truckers wouldn’t throw their piss jugs and trash on the ground…if you park at TA or Petro, where you going to park when I and others are filling up those spots because Pilot is gone???

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