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Pilot hit with first lawsuit in wake of alleged fraud

| April 22, 2013

Pilot ODThe first lawsuit stemming from Pilot Flying J’s alleged rebate fraud scheme made public last week has been filed, as Atlantic Coast Carriers out of Hazlehurst, Ga., filed a class-action lawsuit this weekend against the company.

ACC’s lawsuit says it is being brought on behalf of “All persons or entities who have sustained economic losses as a result of Defendants’ wrongful withholding of rebate funds,” saying that the truck stop chain “regularly understated” how much it owed to the carrier and other companies, relative to the original agreements between the two parties.

atlantic-coast-carriers-suit-against-pilot“Pilot executives, directors, principals, sales agents and administrative staff conspired to manually reduce the amount of rebate payments due to Atlantic Coast and numerous other customers,” the lawsuit alleges, “in order to increase Pilot profits and increase sales commissions of its sales agents.”

Atlantic says that Pilot would agree to offer them and other carriers a discounted price for purchasing certain amounts of diesel fuel then charge more than the agreed-upon price. Pilot would then conceal that from “victimized customers.”

Atlantic is suing for full payment of rebate funds owed, recovery of expenses and losses caused by Pilot’s breach of contract, punitive damages for “damages sustained as a result” and attorney’s fees.

Click here to see the lawsuit filed in a Knox County (Tennessee) circuit court or click the image to the right.


  • gary d

    i wouldnt do a class action lawsuit, once everybodies lawyers get involved you are looking at about 1/3 of what you should be entitled to. you should settle out of court asap for the actual amount you were defrauded plus some punitive on your behalf.

  • Patrick Montgomery

    They’ll have to stand in line, our family still hasn’t got paid by Pilot, the $250,million that Flying J owed my family as primary investors in both the start up of Flying J or the buy of Husky Oil, that turned into Flying J. When Pilot bought Flying J they promised to settle, but we are still waiting. I knew Flying J was in trouble when Jay Call died, Jay’s wife went to school in Thatcher Idaho with my mother and our families were close. So how about it Pilot pay us, then pay others.

  • Patrick Montgomery

    Oh by the Highway, Overdrive still hasn’t figured out there’s a story here, but there is Overdrive needs to contact me. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.