Pilot settles to repay owed funds with interest, CEO says checks issued

| July 16, 2013

pilot signPilot Flying J has agreed to a settlement for the roughly 20 class-action lawsuits brought against it since allegations surfaced in April that the company had been defrauding carriers out of millions of dollars in owed fuel rebates.

According to court documents Pilot has agreed to pay all of the amounts owed to the lawsuits’ plaintiffs plus 6 percent interest on the principal owed.

Moreover, Pilot is responsible for paying administrative and accounting fees, attorney’s fees and court costs. Pilot has also agreed to be “permanently enjoined” from withholding rebates deceptively from customers.

Pilot Flying J owner and CEO Jimmy Haslam wrote an open letter to customers last week saying the truck stop chain has already performed internal audits on all of its 3,000 diesel contracts and has sent checks to customers who were owed money repaying them in full and with interest. He also said the company had as of June 30 ended all manual rebate calculations.

The manual rebate calculations were the source of the alleged fraudulent activity, as rebates were not calculated automatically but by a Pilot salesperson.

In a statement released July 16 after the settlement, Haslam said Pilot will issue supplemental checks to customers for “any additional interest not included in the original calculation.”

According to the class-action settlement, any Pilot customer can join the class of plaintiffs and have Pilot perform an audit on their account. Per the settlement, Pilot must perform internal audits for the affected accounts to determine how much is owed, which will then be confirmed by independent accountants selected by the court.

The settlement agreement, however, is not an admission of guilt, the court documents say.

A judge in Arkansas court approved the settlement agreement — Click here to view the entire document filed with the court.

Haslam’s July 12 letter also said six members of the company’s sales team have either resigned or have been terminated since April 15. The company has added several new hires to its sales division.

“We understand that Pilot Flying J still has lots of work to do to regain your trust,” Haslam wrote in his letter. “We are taking aggressive measures to restore, preserve and protect customer relationships.”

Click here to see Haslam’s full letter.

  • William McKelvie

    Just because an agreement is reached or settlement in this case, does not mean they will do it. Just look at what CR England did with their ruling. The court ruled for them to pay, no one has seen a cent.

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  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton


    We have a winner! Lol

  • James DeBoard

    Curious to see if any of the companies involved will change there business attitude towards pilot/flying J? I wouldnt trust them myself. Would be cuttin deals with one of the other truck stop chains.

  • Steve Hansen

    thank you white collar worms

  • gary d

    we will never stop at a pilot or flying j ever again. if it looks like a duck, flies like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck…once your a criminal your always a criminal

  • jesse rose wood

    they never had my trust to start with and they never will

  • odavid

    Just proves the old adage, you can’t pay anyone to take care of your business! Turn a cheek.

  • Working for a living

    They still ought to put Haslam in jail but wont happen. Wonder what severance package the pleaders are getting to take the blame .

  • Ray Garcia

    You know it Bud. It’s called corruption, and it’s happening all over this country! If they wouldn’t have found this out, they would still be doing it. Now there has to be a “fall guy”. Just look at all the other discoveries that led to the uncovering of corruption! The people who have the money have the politicians on their side, so they get away with it. They say “I’m sorry and that’s it! Nothing ever happens.

  • Ray Garcia

    Yeah, tell me about it. Just because you win a settlement, doesn’t mean you collect as easy as that! Now you have to go and chase your money. Good Luck on that!

  • Ray Garcia

    One practical lesson. If you have a legal dispute with a company or some individual and if they have more money than you do, they will usually win because “he who has they money has the power”! Simple as that!

  • No Reform

    That guy haslam is a Liar and a CROOK and he Knows it and every trucker out here knows it. He should be locked up in prison.

  • No Reform

    Haslam is so Typical of what Big Money Crooks do to Truckers. That guy is a Lying RIPOFF.

  • No Reform

    Lying Cheating Ripoff Haslam. Exactly like the owners of these Mega Fleets…slaughtering people year after year and laughing all the way to the bank……CHEATS.

  • Doc

    how long has pilot and flying j being doing this,I truck for 15 yrs. and bought 90% or more of my fuel from them,none of the companies I was lease to, has sent me nothing, I was leased to barr-nunn for almost 5 yrs. every year according to them,I made around 128,000 gross with my truck,last year I worked,didn’t work probably 6 months,and they still say I made that much,then they wonder why you can’t pay your taxes,hard to pay taxes on money you don’t get.

  • No Reform

    That guy is a P.O.S. more trucking industry CROOKS.

  • Johnraye

    One thing about it, is the big companies will win again by taking any money sent to them and put it in their pocket. The leased O/O will never see a dime of it! Sure glad I never did business with these CROOKS(Pilot) and you will never see my truck on their parking lot.

  • Jon McLaughlin

    I didn’t ever really like Pilot. Since they took over Flying J I like them even less. They ruined the personality of Flying J. The kicked out good home style restaurants and put in the second worse restaurant chain, Denny’s. I will eat a cardboard box before I will eat Denny’s crap!!!!!

  • georgewlong

    Many O-O commenting about ‘big crooks’ here. If you owner-operate (lease or sub-contract) or drive on contract in any oil field situation

  • georgewlong

    Many O-O commenting and complaining about ‘big crooks’ here. If you owner-operate (lease or sub-contract) or drive on contract in any oil field / drill site location in the USA and you are ‘shorted’ money by the ‘big crooks’, email me and I’ll tell you what to do about it. george.long.mexico@gmail.com

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